How to Get Diamonds in the Hunter Assassin Game

Do you ever find yourself information desiring to play an assassin that hunts opponents using stealth and the cover of darkness? How about playing a mobile game that allows you to perform all these things while still having fun?

Hunter Assassin is an excellent mobile game that requires stealth information  and environmental awareness to remove enemies and acquire goals. Despite the vast selection of mobile games available, you would still pick to play Hunter Assassin games due to its entertaining and engaging gameplay.

In addition, you unlock various methods for acquiring the in-game cash known as Diamonds. Learn more about how to play Hunter Assassin, the most effective techniques, and how to obtain diamonds within the game.

Conceal Yourself In The Shadows

Hunter Assassin is a mobile role-playing game in which the player guides an assassin through a series of mazes. You encounter numerous armed men with torches along the path. The game’s objective is to escape being captured and noticed by the armed men’s flashlights and to eliminate them when they come close.

You can also utilize your environment to conceal yourself. You can direct the assassin’s movement by tapping the map at the destination of your choice. Avoid getting shot and kill all opponents to proceed.

Stealth is the most effective tactic in this game. You information will also require notification of your location as you traverse the map. Although Hunter Assassin game may be picked up and played by just about anyone, true mastery will require significant practice.

The in-game currency in Hunter Assassin game is called Diamonds. Use diamonds to enhance your existing assassin or unlock quicker, more powerful ones. When it comes to becoming an effective assassin in the game, diamonds are vital.

Strategies for Amassing Diamonds

In addition to honing your methods in this game, you can information collect diamonds to enhance talents that will allow you to complete each level more quickly.

You can play the game with the default settings, but if you truly want to excel and complete each level more rapidly, you may wish to upgrade your assassin with diamonds.

Ad viewing is one of the best ways to obtain additional diamonds. As a free-to-play game, it is expected that this mobile game would contain advertisements. Ads can be bothersome at times, but if you watch them, the game will reward you with diamonds.

You can earn up to 250 diamonds by watching a single advertisement. Observe and gather diamonds till you reach the required number to unlock a random assassin upgrade. Also, watching the advertisements after completing a level will get you twice as many diamonds.

Some quests in the game require you to watch a brief advertisement in exchange for gems. You should be well on your way to becoming a powerful assassin with the aid of upgrades if you complete various missions to gain their rewards. Remember to play this game online; otherwise, you won’t be able to view online advertisements.

The Downloadable Game

You can download Hunter Assassin from the Google Play Store if you’re interested in playing the game.

  • Sign in to your Google account and conduct a search using the game’s title.
  • Tap Install to start the download.
  • After completing the installation process, you must log in using your Gmail or other credentials to begin playing.

It is encouraged that you do not skip the tutorial, as it teaches you the fundamentals of the game.

Premium Membership

Go ahead and accept the challenge of eliminating enemies to become the best assassin once you are prepared. You may also subscribe to the VIP Membership to gain additional game features.

After the 3-day free trial, you will be charged $7.99 for the weekly membership, which will be automatically renewed unless you cancel 24 hours before the end of the current week.

By subscribing to the weekly VIP membership, you will receive 5,000 diamonds in addition to 100% earnings after completing a level and no advertisements.


Stay hidden and utilize your environment to your advantage. Eliminate each target using cunning and stealth to earn more upgrades and features in Hunter Assassin game and become the best player.

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