6 Amazon SEO Tips for Amazon Sellers to Increase the Sale

Generally, when somebody talks about search engine optimization (SEO), the first picture that comes to our mind is the mechanism to rank our website on Google, right? But this is not the only platform that requires SEO. SEO also plays a great role on eCommerce websites like Amazon, which was home to 283,000 sellers in the first quarter of 2021. SEO on Amazon helps sellers drive traffic that has greater purchasing intent to their product listing, leading to increased sales. 

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The majority of new business owners compare Google’s marketing tools with Amazon’s, and some claim that Amazon’s existing search engines are still less effective than Google’s. But according to recent research, 60% of shoppers spend more time shopping for items on Amazon, surpassing the number of people searching for items on Google. These statistics illustrate how Amazon has evolved into a leading eCommerce platform as well as a search engine giving tough competition to Google in terms of the eCommerce industry. 

So, sellers should now know the important tips to boost their sales with SEO strategy. To help you, we have compiled a list of Amazon tips that will help you strategize your Amazon store SEO. 

Tips to Boost your Sales With Amazon SEO

  • Choose Relevant Keywords

One of the most crucial components of Amazon SEO is the use of pertinent keywords. Customers use keywords to find what they are looking for. Thus, sellers need to know what keywords their target audience will use to find the product. Make sure the keywords you choose have the largest search volume possible and that they are suitable for your products. 

To start with, make a keyword list of 3-6 terms your target audience might use. Then, look through Amazon to see what terms the competitors are using and shortlist the top five competitor product listings for reference. If it is a lot to digest for you, you can hire an Amazon SEO expert who will deeply look into the keyword process, ensuring that your products rank in front of your target audience. 

  • Product Title

The first thing a buyer will notice while searching for a product on Amazon is the product title. The title has the power to convince a buyer to choose your product over that of the competitors. This is the reason the title of the product listing should always have a relevant keyword that describes the product. To create the ideal SEO Amazon product title, sellers can use the following tips: 

  • Be specific about the product
  • Include necessary components or characteristics
  • Include packaging materials, colors, and sizes 
  • If your product is available in numbers, then mention the product quantity
  • Put the brand name 

The finest titles don’t strive to include too many keywords; they just include the most important ones. A title with too many keywords is said to have keyword stuffing and becomes difficult to read. For SEO purposes, the title should begin with the chosen keywords. It’s crucial to persuade customers to buy your goods the moment they look at them, so try to make the title as SEO-friendly and clear as possible.

  • Bullet points

Another effective strategy for persuading your target audience to buy your goods is to use bullet points, also called highlights. In reality, most Amazon buyers prefer to read brief bullet points rather than in-depth explanations. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that highlights help a company increase its conversion rates. Here are a few tips to provide perfect details to the customers in the highlight section:

  • Describe the top five elements you want clients to consider, such as size, warranty details, or age appropriateness
  • Put all numbers in numerical form
  • Keep the bullets in sentence case
  • Using semicolons, separate the phrases in one bullet
  • Write in chunks, and no need to use ending punctuation
  • Give precise measures like “quart,” “inch,” or “foot”
  • Avoid writing ambiguous sentences; Be as detailed as you can regarding the product’s qualities and characteristics
  • Entering information about your business is not permitted; this part is exclusively for product characteristics
  • Leave out the pricing and promotional details
  • Don’t mention your company’s or shipment details. According to Amazon regulation, you cannot include the seller’s, business’s, or delivery details

Even sellers with years of experience on Amazon can sometimes miss these important points, which eventually impacts their sales. But if you hire an Amazon SEO service, you can stay stress-free of such details as they are the experts who remember it all. 

  • Product price

Price differences from the competitors will make it more difficult to rank your products higher. A product pricing that deviates too much from the norm or too little from it can impact your Amazon SEO.

In addition to improving your listing’s rating, pricing your products competitively will increase the appeal of your offering to potential customers. Amazon sellers can expect higher sales, click-through rates, and conversion from offering cheaper prices than the competitors. But always remember to keep an eye on your margin.

  • High-quality product photos

It has been proven that a product’s conversion rate and the quality of its photographs are closely correlated. Although picture content is not a direct part of SEO optimization on Amazon, image quality significantly impacts customers’ decisions to buy the product. Customers react favorably to a wide selection of expert-looking images exhibiting various aspects and perspectives of your products.

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However, the picture size is the aspect of imagery that directly influences how well your product ranks in search results. As Amazon also has the option to zoom in to see the product closely, sellers need to have the product image of at least 1000 pixels of either width or length. If this is not met, the seller’s search ranking may suffer, leading to less visibility of the product. 

  • Using Backend keywords

After carefully creating your title, description, bullet points, and photographs, you may use Amazon backend keywords to enhance your listing further. These additional keywords are not visible to your consumers but work well in improving the ranking of your product in the backend. With these backend keywords, merchants may fill up five fields, but the seller needs to know that there is a 50-character restriction per line. And if the characters exceed, then these backend keywords will not be indexed by Amazon.


Amazon is one such platform that has great opportunities for small as well as big sellers. But as the number of sellers increases each year drastically, sellers need to make more competitive strategies to outperform other sellers. One important element of selling on Amazon is understanding its algorithms and preparing the amazon product listing according to SEO strategy. 

Tips to boost the sale with Amazon SEO have been given above, and if you think that is a lot for you to do, you can hire an Amazon SEO agency. Such companies handle your Amazon seller’s account completely and guarantee an increase in sales with their expert knowledge; rather than investing your time in learning these strategies and then implementing them with half knowledge, it’s better to take help from this agency which provides all these services at a reasonable cost.

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