Must-Have Vintage Items to Decorate Your Home

With so many homes décor themes out there, vintage home décor is one of the most popular ones. People love this aesthetic because of the classic and welcoming vibe it gives to a home. Aside from that, vintage home décor items are also not that hard to find.

Vintage Items
Image Source: Unsplash

You can find them from flea markets, antique shops, or even passed down from relatives. Vintage style décor can be placed on almost any space in your home and create a unique aesthetic. Whether you want your home to be fully vintage themed or just have a few classic pieces, vintage items can fully adapt to whatever style your home has.

If you’re planning to give your home a classic vintage look, here are some of the must-have items for your home décor.

Antique Closet

Antique closets are a real gem when it comes to vintage décor. You can use them as a major decorative piece for your space while doubles as an additional storage space as well. Whether you place it in the bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere in your home, it is surely a very useful and beautiful piece to have when you want vintage vibes in your home. If you have an old closet in the storage, you can turn it into a beautiful vintage closet by restoring it a little bit.


A turntable or record players are another vintage must-have for your home. Long time ago, these pieces are used to play beautiful music at home or in parties. However, these days, they are simply pleasurable to look at especially when placed in a vintage-themed home. Aside from being a classic display, you can still use it to play music as long as you have a vinyl record to play in it.

Vintage Mirrors

Vintage mirrors are another popular piece when it comes to vintage home décor. Gold-framed, baroque style mirrors are perfect for any vintage home since it adds a touch of elegance and grace to any room it is placed. It also naturally adds more light into your home, making your space more alive and appealing to look at. Whether it is a free-standing mirror or a wall-hung one, a baroque mirror is an essential for every vintage home.

Writing Desk

If you’re the one who loves writing or reading, a vintage writing desk is an essential for your home. You can make it as a focal point of your décor and create a story about your space. Don’t forget to decorate it with old books, an old rotary dial phone, and other small vintage decorations you could add.

Sewing Machine

Whether you know how to sew or not, old fashioned sewing machines look great in any vintage home. Mostly, it is used as a decorative element rather than for its sewing function. Place it somewhere noticeable such as an entrance hallway, in the living room, or anywhere that its beauty can be displayed.

With these charming vintage items, you can surely add a classic feel to your home effortlessly.