Easy Party Finger Foods to Make for A Crowd

Party hosting is a fun experience when it comes to planning the menu. You may be caught between a wide spread of dishes and wanted something low key and easy to make. Your menu choice will largely depend on the type of party you are having and the type of crowd.

Finger Foods
Image Source: Unsplash

If it is a sit-down meal then chances are you will have to plan a larger more filling menu for your guests to enjoy. However, if your party is going to be a few friends enjoying drinks and good company a finger food menu is the best choice. Here is a list of easy-to-make finger foods party options that are not only tasty but easy to make too. For more details, see Is the Under the Sea Refresher at Starbucks Real.

A cheese boards

Who doesn’t like a good cheese board for a wine night right? Creating a cheese board is relatively easy. All you will need is to buy different types of cheese with a fee garnish such as olives or grapes depending on your preference.

The only thing you will have to worry about is how good your placement skills are when arranging your board to look full and delicious. Keep toothpicks for your guests to use and sit back to enjoy your guests digging in.

Dips for anything

A few good dips are all you need to take your party menu from good to great. The best thing about dips is that they can even be made to be healthy. The Mediterranean hummus which is ground chickpea paste is an all-time favourite for its flavour and taste.

This along with a beetroot dip, and a dairy free sour cream dip is just some of the best options for a party. This way all you will need our easy snacks such as crisps, sausages, cut up carrots or just about anything that is ready to go on its own.

Shrimp cocktails

If you are feeling fancy and want to create something to make your guests nod in approval, shrimp cocktails are an ideal choice. This is great for a smaller crowd so that each guest. All you need are cleaned prawns, a garnish and topping which is usually a spic mayo. Add them into shot glasses and chill till serving time. It is a refreshing and tasty starter option which can even be made with other seafood options.

Mac and cheese balls

Go basic but go straight to the heart. Mac and cheese balls are super easy and of course a fan favourite. Make a bowl of mac and cheese, scoop small chunks of it while adding biscuit powder to it before adding them to deep dish frying pan.

It may not be the healthiest option although you can also bake them instead or use an air fryer. This is great for a drinking or movie night where guests enjoy an endless flow of snacks as they enjoy their day. This is a tried and tested system that will almost never go wrong.