Everything You Need to Know About Adult Learning Theory

Adult Learning theory is based on the fact that adults and children learn differently. The course is also known as Andragogy. It focuses on the various ways adults react to learning. The concept also highlights the different learning strategies more suitable for adults. Adult Learning Theory has been adapted and revised numerous times over the past few years. The primary Adult Learning Theory consists of five key assumptions of adult learners and four primary principles of Andragogy. This article will explore the numerous aspects of the concept of the Adult Learning Theory.  

Five Key Assumptions About Adult Learners

Listed below are five key assumptions about Adult Learners in the Adult Learning Theory:

Self Concept

As we grow older, our idea of ourselves changes, and we tend to become more independent from being dependent.  Adult Learning Theory talks about how adult learning patterns change from instructor-led to self-directed approaches. 


Adult Learning Experience is also a significant factor in the Adult Learning Theory. We learn that as we grow older, we experience numerous new things that enrich our behavior.

Readiness to Learn

Adults tend to learn more when there is a growth or development goal related to it. As a result, they are always ready to learn, especially when there is a purpose. 

Orientation of Learning

Adults prefer practical experiences rather than learning theoretical things. We will also prefer learning things that apply to our life instead of generalized learning. 

Motivation to Learn

Learning motivation changes from childhood to adulthood. As children, we learn due to factors like our parents, schooling, teachers, etc. However, we will learn that motivation to learn changes as adults. Adults tend to focus on reasons like growth, development, and enriching experience to learn. Therefore, these are the five key assumptions about adult learners in the Adult Learning Theory. You can learn more about the best adult learning theory course.

4 Principles of Andragogy

Listed below are the 4 Principles of Andragogy of the Adult Learning Theory:

  • Adults tend to be more involved in the planning process of their training. They tend to be active during the planning, delivery, and execution stages. They want to have control over what they learn and how they learn. 
  • Adults always want to apply their knowledge and information to their daily lives. They always want to learn relevant things in their practical lives and implement the knowledge as soon as possible. 
  • Adults tend to bring their previous experiences to learn. This way, they add more context to their learning. 
  • Adults often tend to use reasoning to solve problems instead of memorizing facts. 

Therefore, these are the four principles of Adult Learning Theory. You can learn more about them in the adult learning certificate course. 


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