Are You in Need of a Professional Air Conditioning Repair Service In Dubai?


If so, you’re in the right place! We are Batchelor Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, a premiere air conditioning repair company with almost 30 years’ worth of service in the industry. Throughout that time, we have established a reputation for being a trusted, reliable, and expert team, capable of taking on any project no matter what the size. In addition to repairing current air conditioning units, we also offer bespoke air conditioning systems for your domestic or commercial property, as well as refrigeration solutions, including cold rooms. So, for an air conditioning repair service that you can rely on, delivered by a team that you can trust, look no further than Batchelor Air Conditioning.

What is Our Aircon Repair Service?

If you’re looking for an air conditioning ac repairing in dubai, then we have a number of options for you depending on your individual needs, such as:

  • FGAS Leak checks: these types of faults can be extremely dangerous, both to the occupants of your property and the environment at large. Therefore, it is important to ensure that they are dealt with quickly and efficiently, to reduce any potential risks and save you money in the long term. Our team is experienced with these types of faults and is prepared to handle them for you, giving you peace of mind in knowing that the problem will be taken care of properly.
  • Electricity consumption and operating costs: if you feel that your air conditioning system is consuming too much or too little electricity and is therefore negatively affecting either your finances or its operation, then why not get in touch with us so we can have a look at it and identify the problem? It is likely, for example, if you did not get a professional and experienced team to install the system in the first place, that it has been set up incorrectly and is therefore not running at an optimum capacity.
  • The integrity of pipework, filters, or thermostats: these aspects of your air conditioning system can wear out over time through standard use, which is why it is important to ensure that you keep on top of replacing and/or repairing them. Regular maintenance is something that we are happy to assist with, as we know when a system component will need to be replaced and when the problem may lie elsewhere, thereby saving you time and money.
  • The energy efficiency of your system: efficiency is more important than ever in recent years, especially when you are spending money on the system or have already invested in it considerably. Thankfully, there are normal ways of improving the efficiency of your air conditioning system. If you believe that your air conditioning could be running better or saving you more money, then why not get in touch with us for some expert advice?
  • General repairs and updates: for everything else, we are also on hand to help. This could be anything from a faulty accessory to a full breakdown of the system and everything in between. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle any problem, which is why we will be happy to help you with whatever issue you face.

AC Repair In Dubai

What can be more uncomfortable than having to spend sleepless nights without air conditioning during the hottest days of the year? The hot climate of Dubai makes air conditioning a compulsion for all homes and offices. However, there is always a chance of malfunctioning, which may lead to great frustration. It is during these scenarios that you need quick and reliable ac repair Dubai services that are there to help you at all times. We are proud to offer homeowners and offices in Dubai quick, reliable, and efficient ac repair service in Dubai.

As a leading brand, we have the resources, experience, and expertise to handle air conditioning units from all major global manufacturers and models. Our air conditioning repair service in Dubai is a life-saver at desperate times when you also need immediate repair services.

Irrespective of the type of maintenance required, you can trust our technicians to seamlessly handle all repair and maintenance jobs at the most affordable pricing. As a licensed air conditioning repair service provider in Dubai, you can trust us to deliver safe and consistent services for all minor and major ac repair jobs.

If you, too, have been looking for HVAC professionals who got the skills and competencies to help you with air conditioning requirements, get in touch with our experts. We offer 100% customer satisfaction to fix all major and minor issues with the fastest turnaround time and competitive pricing.