Types of Residential Properties to Live in Dubai

With towering skyscrapers, epic landmarks and luxury hotels, we often believe Dubai to be an extravagant affair with no livelihood. However, it’s just a myth revolving around for decades now. Regardless of how prosperous the state is in terms of skyrocketing attractions, leading a life in a family-friendly way is still possible. And so, it’s easy to seek a flat for rent in Dubai or any other Emirati city. But, do you know there’re many properties apart from flats? There’s something for every budget and taste, yet it depends on your family’s requirements.


Without any further ado, let’s delve into all the sorts of properties you can consider to live in Dubai.  

  • Apartments/Flats

It is one of the most generic properties prioritized by young adults and bachelors. Expats usually opt for it, too, since rental payments of flats are relatively cheaper than other properties. However, you won’t find such comfortable apartments in Dubai anywhere else. Not only do communities like Downtown Dubai and Business Bay provide secured flats, but also you’ll get all the amenities nearby.

  • Villas 

Next, we have the fantastic development for which Dubai has been gaining popularity. Villa is a spacious yet separate property that’s well-equipped with a private garden and a swimming pool. It has all the luxury fittings and furnishings you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Since Dubai relies on an island, so, if you’re getting a sea-facing villa in Palm Jumeirah, it’ll be a heavenly living experience. As luxury often comes off at a higher price, villas in Dubai are one of the most expensive investments you can ever make.

  • Townhouses 

Townhouses in Dubai often get confused with villas, yet there’re significant differences between the two. While townhouses usually share a common wall with another unit, villas are independent properties. There is an option to select detached or semi-detached townhouses as per your family’s needs. You can choose from three to 6-bedroom projects. 

  • Penthouses

Penthouses are located on the highest floors of residential clusters and feature sophistication and refined elegance. The property features admirable interiors, spacious rooms, walk-in closets, en-suite restrooms and dedicated parking spaces. All-in-all, it offers an exciting living experience. From taking in the stellar views of Dubai’s skyline to enjoying a dreamy lifestyle, you can expect to have a memorable time in penthouses. 

  • Duplexes/ Lofts 

Despite being underrated, due to their uniqueness, duplexes are the most sought-after properties in Dubai. Spread over two floors, these spacious flats bring a feel of villas to those seeking privacy but who are not up for giving up on their comfort. While lofts and duplexes are generally interconnected, there’s a slight difference. While duplexes are based on two full floors, lofts only acquire half of the space, overlooking the first floor of the unit. 


Final Thoughts

Now you see, there are many residential options in Dubai that you can choose when moving in. however, it’s imperative to organize your finances beforehand. Or else, you might have to return empty-handed. Even if you’re shifting to apartments, you must know the extra head payments, including cleaning services, parking fees, swimming fees and other facilities.