You can locate a software development company in the UK that manages everything from corporate software for big businesses to custom software apps. To choose a software development business UK that is right for you, consider the company’s description, its list of services, and a pricing quote.



The Palo Alto, California-based software development company Intellectsoft works with startups and Fortune 500 firms to build a strong software foundation for their operations. They have been creating effective digital engineering solutions based on cutting-edge technologies since 2007. 350 full-time employees currently make up their team, which has offices in Silicon Valley, London, New York, Minsk, Oslo, and Kyiv.

They have built a reputation as an ethical and trustworthy partner in software development for well-known brands over their 13 years on the market.


One of the UK’s leading names in the software development sector is DCSL Software. With years of expertise and numerous accolades, the team comprises over 100 software professionals in the UK. Small and medium-sized businesses, enterprises, non-profit organizations, the government, and startups specialize in developing effective software products, apps, and operating systems.

You can get software development, from conception to upkeep, by contacting DCSL Software. The company’s primary areas of expertise include Web, Mobile, Cloud, and Desktop.


The custom software development company TatwaSoft works with various technological platforms, including Microsoft, Java, PHP, Open Source, BI, and Mobile. They specialize in offering prompt, affordable, high-quality IT outsourcing services to a range of global enterprises.

With locations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and its development center in India, TatvaSoft services customers worldwide. It employs more than 810 IT specialists. More than 1800 of the company’s projects have been completed and effectively implemented.

  1. MAGORA-

The company’s purpose is to use specialized software and applications to advance organizations of all sizes and sectors. The development team at Magora will help you grow to the top of your field, increase earnings, and put fresh ideas into action.

The company’s management has built a team of 150 high-level professionals producing mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as web services and software, over ten years of labor. Developers build an application that will draw in the most significant number of users following the planned strategy, which seeks to maximize the intended cost and return on investment.


In 1998, the current team’s father, son, and a closest friend created CSI Media. The business is a top web design and software development firm focusing on application solutions, custom software, and website design and development. On their list of offerings are design and branding services as well.

This Cheshire-based company offers a variety of cutting-edge digital services to clients all around the world. More than 500 clients have used the service and worked with us on many projects.

  1. ICREON-

Icreon is a Digital Innovation Agency that creates digital solutions for any company, whether a startup, a huge corporation, or a household name, thanks to a team of experts who share a passion for innovation.

We uphold values of transparency, innovation, originality, and longevity at Icreon. Icreon has twenty years of expertise in creating successful digital solutions. A team of 350 specialists is working on creating a digital strategy and putting it into action to ensure long-term financial success.


Software development firm Geeks Ltd. is based in South London.As a result of achieving the Gold Certified Microsoft Partnership level, the business now gets access to exclusive Microsoft resources, support, and the Partners Knowledge Base. These are all definite advantages that let them satisfy different customer needs.

You may be sure that you’ll get exceptional services because they are a past recipient of international business efficiency awards. Geeks promise to increase customers’ business productivity through automation.

  1. THEO-

A consulting and digital development firm called Theodo was established in 2009. The business now employs 200 employees, with offices in London (since 2015), Paris, and New York, thanks to its more than ten years of experience (since 2018). They can quickly create even the most complex software, mobile, and web apps because of their collective expertise and experience. They produce unique web and mobile applications while focusing on consumer share and productivity.

They are experts in Python, Angular, Node, Symfony, PHP, Django, React, Agile, Kaizen, Full Stack, iOS, and Android. They also have expertise in Scrum, Lean, Dev Ops, JavaScript, React Native, Python, Startup, and Digital Transformation.


The staff at Brainhub is an expert in developing websites and mobile apps. The company aims to produce high-caliber digital goods and assist tech-based businesses in reaching their objectives.

The ready-to-assist members of the Brainhub team include architects, product owners, business analysts, UI/UX designers, and front-end and back-end QA engineers. They offer suggestions, expedite work, and address your issues.

Both users and consumers are focused on their web products. The release of new features will assist you in quicker and more cost-effectively meeting future business requirements while the Brainhub standards ensure excellent quality and no data leaks.

  1. LIGHT IT-

British-founded Light IT is a global provider of IT services. Light IT is an industry leader in designing, implementing, and maintaining IT solutions that assist clients worldwide in growing their businesses. Their objective is to facilitate the rapid expansion of both small and large enterprises without obliterating what they already have.

Since 1991, they have assisted clients with transitioning to the digital age. The renowned “Great Place to Work” title has been given to them for the previous four years running.


Avco Systems Ltd., founded in 1986, has more than 30 years of experience in the software development industry and offers a variety of high-quality goods and services to customers in the neighborhood and the UK. Using agile development methods, Avco specializes in providing desktop, web, and mobile applications. The business is headquartered in Slough, Berkshire. The company offers all-inclusive software development services for firms looking to cut expenses or generate new revenue streams. Avco always strives to do things as cheaply as possible. The company can offer its clients a comprehensive one-stop service that will save them time and money thanks to a highly secure hosting facility.


An online software development company is called Bright Interactive. We successfully develop reliable software and web applications for global enterprise clients using Agile methodology. Our guiding principle is to give our customers actual value. We are professionals at avoiding waste frequently connected to software development, such as new features, broken code, and documentation that is seldom read. We work with you to produce the most beneficial solution for your budget after trying to understand the business goals underlying your brief.


The device is a software outsourcing company that has spent the last ten years creating products at the bleeding edge of technology. After ten years of trial and error, the device has gained domain expertise in the Fintech, Healthcare, eLearning, Media, and Entertainment industries. From desktop to mobile, they provide an excellent experience that will satisfy all of your needs. Their agile-structured teams are superb at agile development in dynamic environments.


Software development in the UK is a well-liked solution that enables you to quickly and affordably realize any idea. Software that accomplishes any objective can be made if qualified and skilled individuals complete the effort.

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