Protect your ride with these 5 essential rain car accessories

The rainy season can turn a spotless, new car into a rust bucket if you don’t pay attention to keeping it in good condition. The monsoons also make it hard to drive with low visibility and slippery roads that can lead to accidents. Some of the best car accessories for rainy season include wiper rubber and car body covers, but there are many other items you can purchase to protect your ride and keep you safe on the road.

Protect your ride with these 5 essential rain car accessories
Car covered with textile cover in the street

5 Essential Car Accessories For Rainy Season That Will Keep Your Ride Well Protected

Here are some interesting items that are widely available at car accessories stores online. They are reasonably priced and are essential in improving your driving experience while keeping your car in good condition.

Car Covers

Water-resistant car body covers are an essential accessory if you park your vehicle out in the open during the rainy season. We may not find a covered car park everywhere we go, so car body covers that are durable, dust-resistant and most importantly water resistant are a basic necessity to protect the paint, body panels and plastic trim from moisture. You would be surprised to find that a car body cover can prevent scratches and dulling of the paint when exposed to harsh weather elements during a thunderstorm. A good quality car cover can be purchased for around Rs.2,000 -4,000 depending on the size of the vehicle. Use a car body cover to protect your vehicle from rain, heat, wind and dust.

Wraps, Stickers and Films

Car wraps are a plastic coating that is applied to the exterior of a car to protect the paint and body panels. They are available in a wide variety of colours and graphics to suit your personal taste and enhance the aesthetic of your car. Using a high-quality car wrap or film is not only an easy way to get a new look, but it also serves to protect your car from rain and moisture during the monsoon season. A car wrap can last for around 5 years before it needs to be replaced, however, it will not damage your paint when removed. The vinyl film is hydrophobic meaning it resists water so that moisture just runs off the body panel without accumulating in one area. A professional car wrap can cost around Rs.10,000 but it is worth it to keep your car well protected.

Wiper Blades

A good tip while driving through rainy weather is to have a set of wiper blades that effectively wipe the moisture off the windscreen. It is advisable to replace your wiper blades before the rainy season hits so that you are prepared to drive through low visibility and can safely avoid obstacles during the monsoon. Every vehicle requires a different size of wiper blades depending on the width of its windshield, so pick the accessory that matches your car perfectly. Some popular brands of after-market wiper rubber include Bosch, Michelin and Geomex. An interesting add-on accessory to have is a glass cleaner that can remove dust, dirt, grease and smudges from your windscreen so that the wiper blades can work effectively to remove moisture during a downpour.

Fog Lights

Fog usually accompanies heavy rain in colder climates and can reduce visibility to a few metres in some cases. Although car headlights have advanced technology such as LED projectors and DRLs, the addition of a powerful fog lamp is indispensable during the rainy season. Manufacturers offer fog lamps on top-spec variants of some models, but after-market fog lamp accessories provide you with the choice of known brands such as Bosch, Philips and Hella. Fog lamps can be installed on all models from entry-level hatchbacks to large SUVs with little modification. All that is required is a wiring kit to provide a switch on the dashboard so that you can turn the fog lights on when required.

Anti-rust Coating

Since most of the car is made from metal, it is prone to oxidation, corrosion and rust especially when exposed to moisture and humidity. Salt content in the atmosphere in coastal regions can also accelerate the rusting process of exposed parts like the wheels, underbody and bumpers. The longer the car is exposed to rain, the faster it will begin to rust. That is why an anti-rust coating should be applied to the car’s exterior to protect it from corrosion during the rainy season. Anti-rust coating saves you money on repairs and replacement, keeps your vehicle looking new, and helps maintain your car in good condition. Anti-rust coating can be bought in an aerosol spray can and applied directly on areas that are prone to rust.



This list of essential car accessories for the rainy season is sure to keep your vehicle well-protected, safe and looking new. It is always important to keep your car sheltered from the rains and good quality car accessories like car body covers, waterproof car films, wiper blades and rain repellents will go a long way in getting you through this monsoon season unscathed.

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