Which City in UK Has More Job Opportunities For International Students?

Every Student Should Carefully Consider:

which city is best for their further studies. There are some of the best student cities in the world in the UK, which has made it a global leader in student life. The QS Best Studies Cities rankings for 2023 rank 15 UK cities among the best for studying. Student reviews and desirability rank London highest. Study-abroad aspirants flock to the UK because of its reputation for academic excellence. What is the best student city in the UK based on this information?

Over the Past Decade, International Students,

Especially from India, have increasingly flocked to the UK. Students are increasingly choosing universities in the UK for their quality education, world-leading research, excellent learning environments, and high graduate employability.

As a result of the UK government relaxing the rules regarding post-student work visas in 2019, international students’ job prospects have improved further. As of now, international graduates can remain in the country on the PSW Visa for up to 2 years after they complete their course. Taking advantage of this longer time frame will allow students to find a job, work, and begin their international careers with a head start.

In contrast to big UK cities such as London and Manchester, Edinburgh has a balanced work-life balance. You may feel overwhelmed and confused by the choices. There are many factors that contribute to the overall level of work satisfaction in a city, such as quality of life, business ecosystems, leisure and cultural opportunities.

UK has a large number of professional and efficient writers. The London writers UK are considered to be the most efficient of all the writers in the world. In addition to their high language skills, they work honestly and provide their clients with the best work possible. A study abroad program in the UK is one of the best decisions that one can make for their future development.

The Top 10 Best Cities for Students in the UK:

Clearly, studying in the UK is advantageous for foreign students. What is the best city for higher education in the UK? The following is a list of the best UK cities for international students with their QS Best Student Cities Ranking 2023.


One of the best places to study in the UK is London, which is home to some of the most prestigious universities in higher education. A strong community of Indian students lives in London due to numerous employment opportunities and scholarships for international students. It’s safe to say that London is one of the best student cities for international students in the UK. The QS Best Student Cities Rankings 2023 also rank this city first.

What is there to do in London for international students?

It’s likely that you’ll be fascinated by the nightlife of London if you’re planning to pursue higher studies there. To make the weekends more entertaining, London has the best local/Indian restaurants, beer joints, and food joints. As London has one of the best transportation systems in the world, international students can explore the other best cities in UK. If you prefer, you can:


As well as being known as Dunedin, Edinburgh is known as the ‘City of Hills’ because of its natural beauty. Among Indian students, Edinburgh is the best city in the United Kingdom if you love to be surrounded by natural beauty. You’ll never be bored in Edinburgh thanks to the world-famous Edinburgh Castle, flavorful scotch whisky, and local festivals. As well as being one of the most affordable cities in the UK for students, Edinburgh is one of the best places to study. Moreover, this city is ranked 10th in QS’s Best Student Cities Rankings 2023.

Manchester, UK;

Aside from its diverse culture, exciting nightlife, and Victorian-era buildings, Manchester is also known as the second city of England. Ranking 25th in the QS Best Student Cities 2023, this city has a high concentration of students. International students are welcomed by the local Mancunians (Manchester locals). Manchester is undoubtedly one of the best cities in the UK for international students to study and advance in their careers.


There are a number of architecturally impressive buildings in Glasgow, also known as the friendliest city in the world. In addition to being a great study destination, Glasgow city is a great place to capture content for Instagrammers and social media influencers. Students from abroad benefit from the education system in Glasgow, which follows international standards. Student cities in UK are perfect for those who love music and natural beauty. A QS Best Student Cities Rankings for 2023 ranks this city 25th like Manchester.


It’s true that Coventry is one of the most underrated and overlooked cities in the United Kingdom. There are lush green spaces, Roman art galleries, and museums in Coventry, which might surprise you. In Coventry, you will find friendly people and plenty of green space. On the QS Global World Rankings 2022, Coventry University ranks among the top 601-650 universities in the world. The QS Best Student Cities Rankings for 2023 rank this city 40th. Therefore, Coventry has also become one of the best destinations for international students to study in the UK.

Newcastle Upon Tyne:

Each year, Newcastle is also attracting hundreds of international students due to its industrial heritage, vibrant nightlife, and eponymous brown ale. The streets in Newcastle are undoubtedly some of the best in the country, with numerous art galleries, museums, street markets, pubs, clubs, theatres, etc. University education in Newcastle is of the same high quality as in other UK cities. In addition, QS’s 2023 Best Student Cities Rankings rank this city 42nd.


For international students, Birmingham is a desirable place to live. Each year, thousands of international students flock to Birmingham, also known as the ‘home of heavy metal. ‘Having a high-quality education system and combining modernity and British culture makes Birmingham one of the best cities to study in the UK. According to the QS Best Student Cities Rankings 2023, this city ranks 45th.


This city in the southwest of England is located on the River Avon and has a long and prosperous maritime history. 686,000 people live in the city, the average international fee is USD 30,500, and the city ranks 102nd in terms of affordability. QS Best Student Cities Rankings 2023 ranks this city 49th. Its top universities are open to international students interested in pursuing higher education there.