How to Edit a PDF on Mac with the Best PDF Editor – UPDF

Using the proper tool makes editing a PDF on a Mac pretty easy. The issue emerges when you learn that practically every application available for editing PDFs on Mac is rather pricey. Keep in mind that PDF documents cannot be edited and must be made editable using software or other tools. You should use an economical yet sophisticated and effective program to edit PDF if you have a Mac and wish to fix mistakes, enhance grammar, add text, or add graphics. One such program is UPDF, which will not only explain how to edit a PDF on a Mac but also make it simple for you to do it on a MacBook. Let’s learn how to edit a PDF on MacBook.


Instructions on How to Edit a PDF on Mac

UPDF is an all-in-one PDF editor for Mac and Windows users. It not only allows the editing and reading of the PDF documents but you can also use UPDF to convert the PDF files to other popular formats. UPDF is also pretty helpful in organising different PDF pages, creating various PDF files, editing them and using PDF documents for annotation purposes. Due to such versatile functionality and affordability this software has the potential to fulfill all the needs of individual businesses and large enterprises who need all in one PDF solution.


Now if you want to know how to edit a PDF on Mac using UPDF you need to go through these steps that are super easy to understand and follow.

Step 1: Go to the Mac app store and download the UPDF application that is present there and is really available for download.

Step 2: Once you have downloaded this application, you can open it in a launchpad. Here you will be able to open UPDF. For editing the PDF file on UPDF, you first have to import it on this application.

Step 3: To select and move a PDF file into UPDF, find the “Open File” button on the main UI, choose the PDF file from your local device, and then click “Open.” You are currently in “Reader” mode after importing. Three toolbars – the left, right, and top toolbars – are available when in reader mode.

Step 4: The next step is to enter the editing mode which can be accomplished by clicking on the “Edit Text & Images” option. This instruction is the same if you want to know how to edit a PDF on a MacBook. So if you are using a MacBook, you can simply press “command + 2” and you will be redirected to editing mode.

Step 5: There are two icons labelled “Add Text” and “Add Image” on the top menu that you may use to add text and photos. Additionally, to alter any text or images, simply move the mouse or pointer over the desired place and press Enter.

You Can Do More Tasks with UPDF

Remember that UPDF is not only a PDF solution for Mac, instead you can use it to perform a variety of functions including reading and annotation of the PDF documents, PDF file conversion, page organisation and PDF encryption.


Here we are going to elaborate some other functions of the UPDF so you will get to know what more you can do with UPDF.

1. Read and Annotate PDF

Multiple editable PDFs can be viewed in tabs and annotated, saved, read, and edited. UPDF does this by giving you a tabbed structure, allowing you to easily select which page to view and what to read. Additionally, UPDF has annotation tools that let you annotate documents with text, stickers, comments, and more. It allows you to edit, alter, delete, and annotate your documents in the preferred format quickly and effectively.

2. Convert PDF  

When you have UPDF, the information on paper documents can be scanned using OCR technology, and the scanned information can then be converted into the necessary file format.

All of the main PDF file formats are convertible with UPDF Converter. It comprehends the need for various formats, particularly when you have to select the PDF converter for commercial and financial objectives.


3. Organize PDF Pages

When you have UPDF, you can see the tabbed interface that allows you to select the specific pages that need editing. You can also bookmark certain pages, add page numbers and add/remove pages. Moreover, you can also change order and layout and can make it professional or informal based on your requirements and unique needs.

4. Password protect PDF

No PDF software is complete without the password protection of the documents that you store within it. UPDF is an amazing software that not only keeps your data secure from any third party but also allows you to encrypt your data by password protection feature.


Now that you have read all about how to edit a PDF on mac and why edit PDF, it is time to carry on towards your journey to success. It is possible by enhancing your knowledge about how to edit a PDF on Mac and how useful tools like UPDF can help you in automating and simplifying your tasks related to online document management.