Is TV advertising better medium to address large audience than internet?

Television is one of the most powerful communication medium which can address billions of people at the same time.  TV audience is huge due its presentation of mixed fare to families while it covers current news, sports, and special events and occasions that it is able to telecast live. If you have sports product to sell you can place advertisements in soccer world cup or local league broadcasts. More people will be watching your ads than any other media because TV is visual medium with magnetic powers to attract viewers. Here we analyze the advantages of TV channel advertising and how to place TV ads:

Benefits of TV advertising

  • It builds trust because it is visible to the eyes of consumers. 
  • Owing to great numbers of people watching TV  sales are likely to be boosted to greater levels  
  • Unlike other media where several advertisements are placed side by side in columns TV runs ads in full screen thus does not distract viewers attention
  • TV is able to communicate with large segment of people from all over the world
  • Results of TV audience advertising is scalable and results can be tracked
  • Digital TV channels offer cheap ads to small businesses
  • Television ads are attractive packages hence keep consumers riveted to the screen and register deeply in to their minds
  • Almost every home in the world  has a TV

Some entrepreneurs use TV ratings to great advantage and use terms like “as seen on TV”.  Visual medium builds trust and it can be confirmed by the fact that surveys conducted on this have 42% of people voting for TV when only 13% for newspaper and a mere 6% viewers for YouTube. People trust TV more than print media or internet when it comes to ticking consumer items. Privileged utility programs are offered by digital media platforms that can connect you to various TV channels and get you the marketing footage you expect. 

How TV channels improve sales for you?

TV advertisements are viewed by large section of people and they never fail to generate trust. Whether it is a 5 seconds slot or 30 seconds the message goes right to the target audience and etched in to their brain. If you invest in TV ads you are sure to gain more popularity and the resulting sales. These ads are catchy, sharp and to the point because of the limited time slot allocated for them. Ad film makers are thus forced to package the quality and benefits of the products in a few seconds.

It is a great medium that guarantees ROI, generates brand awareness and ensure brand recall among people. TV is top advertising platform because it has a larger audience than digital market where only people who are net savvy visit websites and look for their own niche products or services. In TV there is no such restriction as it advertises all kinds of products at different slots and intervals between soaps.

Top advertising platform

A webpage publishing advertisements may look congested and unclear because of the limited space it is able to afford. There you have to jostle with other products and fight hard to be noticed. In TV you don’t experience such obstacles because TV at a time will be showing only one advertisement (yours) and that too in full screen. The screen space is not shared with any other products so viewers’ attention will be fully focussed on to your product.  Nowadays internet users use ad blocker app in their browsers and blackout out pops.

Most viewers watch programs that are telecast live and only few people watch recorded programs using computer devices. You cannot skip advertisements like you can do on the internet hence majority of TV viewers will watch your advertisement.  The percentage of live TV watchers amount to a whopping 86%.

TV advertising does the trick when you want to build bigger customer base

If you think TV ads are outdated and old fashioned you are 100% wrong. Because it outperforms online advertisements in terms of reaching larger audience. Large section of people is not aware or unable to see advertisements on the internet. Because of their limited or absent ability to learn and adjust with the ways of online functioning. TV is still considered as top advertising platform which is sure to generate increased percentage of viewership and customer base.