The 5 Best Recruitment Companies in Singapore to Work With

Recruitment Companies in Singapore are plentiful, but not all of them are equal in quality. Here are five of the best recruitment companies in Singapore and why they made it to the list. All you have to do is contact them and see how they can help you hire new employees or find better employees for your business! Read on to learn more about these companies, their services, and even their contact information!

  • Which industries do they specialize?

Recruitment Companies in Singapore  are a great way to find the perfect employees for your company. These five recruitment companies in Singapore can help you with any staffing needs, whether it’s finding that perfect candidate or getting the right job done. From executive search and recruitment to executive search outsourcing, these five recruitment companies have got you covered. One of the best things about these five recruitment companies is their global reach. If you’re looking to find candidates across different countries, they will get the task done and fast! Another perk of hiring one of these five companies is their free consultation service where they will assess your business needs before providing a detailed proposal. Now that you know about all five of these recruitment companies in Singapore, go ahead and see which one fits your business best!

  • How big is their network of clients?

Let us start with the most well-known Recruitment Companies in Singapore ; Hays. They are a multinational recruitment company which has over 230,000 employees, and is present in more than 40 countries. Secondly, we have Reed. The company specializes in the areas of finance and accounting, IT and technology, engineering & manufacturing and healthcare. Reed has a presence across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Thirdly they have Robert Walters which is a privately owned global recruitment consultancy firm with offices throughout Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Latin America. One of their strengths lies within their global footprint which will give you exposure if you are looking for international opportunities as well as local ones here at home!

  • What types of jobs can you get?

All of these companies can help you find jobs in a range of industries, but they specialize in different ones. For example, if you’re looking for a position as an engineer or project manager, look at Talent International. If you need help finding an IT job in Singapore with a multinational company like IBM or Microsoft, browse through Michael Page. And if you want to work overseas with organizations like Shell or ExxonMobil, then the most appropriate company would be Hays. On top of that, each Recruitment Companies in Singapore  has their own specialties so make sure to do your research before making your decision. It’s worth noting that Hays will cover up to 100% of your airfare costs and expenses if you are accepted into a role abroad with them. In addition, Talent International is the only recruitment company on this list that specializes in STEM jobs.

  • How long have they been around?

Posted vacancies are updated daily, and all companies offer 24/7 access through their website. We also have a mobile app so you can stay up-to-date on new openings wherever you are. There’s nothing better than knowing that you’ll be notified immediately when the perfect position becomes available! These are the top five Recruitment Companies in Singapore  that we recommend: 1. OHR Partners: The largest recruitment company in Southeast Asia, they operate out of six different countries with offices across Asia Pacific. They provide specialized resources for every major industry including finance and banking, automotive and manufacturing, engineering, food and beverage etc. They focus on permanent placement rather than contract work as well as offer professional training programs for both recent graduates and experienced professionals. 2. Manpower Group: You may recognize them from the Manpower branding you see at construction sites across Singapore! They have been recruiting personnel since 1948 – which makes them one of the oldest agencies here – with offices around the world including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific etc.

  • How often are new vacancies posted?

Job vacancies are posted on the website every week and they have a mobile app that makes it easy for job seekers to apply for positions. They offer a wide variety of jobs, from entry-level jobs to skilled ones, so there is something for everyone.

Job seekers can expect to find new vacancies on the website every week, making it easier for them to find their perfect position. They also have a mobile app which makes it simple for people looking for Recruitment Companies in Singapore  or looking for employees. There are many different types of job available including entry level jobs and skilled ones, so there is something available no matter what level you’re at. Plus, with new vacancies being posted weekly it’s easier than ever before to find your perfect fit!