A Quick Guide to Taking Care of Your Window Blinds

Blinds have emerged as a great alternative to curtains. These can be used as decorative drapery, as whole-room shades, or as an alternative to curtains. Window blinds are also very easy to take care of. Compared to curtains or drapes, these need to be vacuumed and dusted every time. Even so, if you’re taking care of them the wrong way, you will end up with bent, broken, or smushy blinds.


Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Window Blinds Daily

Window blinds are cheap and easy to make your home look great. They’re also a significant source of heat loss, so if you don’t clean them regularly, they’ll quickly become a fire hazard.

Here’s why you should be cleaning your window blinds:

1. Unused blinds are energy hogs

Most residential window blinds are vinyl and feature aluminium or plastic slats. These materials can be recycled at many local businesses, but they’re still heavy — some in the hundreds of pounds each. If you don’t remove and recycle them, they’ll add up to hundreds or thousands of pounds of waste over time.

2. Unclean blinds mess up the air circulation

In addition to being heat traps in the wintertime (they retain heat), blinds also act as heat exchangers for your home during summer (when you want to keep cool). This isn’t necessarily bad for your home if you have an AC unit that keeps the temperature within an acceptable range. However, if you rely on only one source for cooling (like an attic fan), this could be problematic over time if it doesn’t work correctly or isn’t cleaned regularly enough.

3. They can get mould

Blinds left on their own will soon find themselves growing all sorts of nasty stuff like mould. Mould spores can quickly grow when they land on a surface like wood or damp fabric (such as blinds). They can multiply if there’s enough moisture in the air and they’re not exposed to direct sunlight or fresh air. If mould is left unchecked, it could cause health problems like allergies, asthma, and even respiratory infections.

4. The classic reason: aesthetics

A clean window gives a pleasant impression. The same goes for clean blinds: even if you’re not using them, they still take up space on your windowsill. A dirty window is like having an unwashed face: it’s not attractive to look at or be around.

If you have thick curtains or drapes, dust and dirt will settle onto them after just a few days of being closed. You might be able to see the difference between clean curtains or blinds and dirty ones when the sun shines through them — but that’s all the more reason to keep them clean from the start!

Tips for Cleaning Your Window Blinds Regularly

1. Use the right cleaning materials

Use mild soap and water. Window-cleaning wipes are great for removing dirt and grime from windows, but if you’re on a tight budget, try using a mild soap and water solution instead.

Use a microfiber cloth or soft cloth towel instead of paper towels. Use the same method as the soap and water: wet the cloth with warm water, then use it to wipe away dirt or dust particles from your blinds.

Avoid using hot water when washing your window blinds. Hot water can damage the fabric and make it harder to clean later on, so stick to warm or cool temperatures when washing your blinds to keep them looking great.

2. Clean them regularly

When it comes to cleaning blinds, it pays off to clean them before they get dirty. Ensure you’re not damaging any fabrics when you do this—if you use too much pressure or get the wrong kind of cleaner on the material, it could tear up your blinds! Once a week and more often if they’re particularly dirty or dusty usually works great.

3. Keep track of the cleaning supplies you need

Keep track of all your tools and cleaning products. You’ll be glad you did when you must go through them all later.

If you use a spray cleaner like Pledge or Mr Clean Magic Eraser, make sure it’s water-based instead of solvent-based so that it doesn’t damage the fabric or threading on your blinds (and if it is water-based, make sure there is no ammonia in it).

In conclusion:

If you want to keep your window blinds looking new, cleaning them regularly is a must. There’s good news, though. It’s not hard and requires only basic materials. It doesn’t take much to clean your window blinds—just a few quick swipes, and you’ll be on your way!