Negative Effects Of A Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy can induce many emotional, bodily, and other difficulties.

teenage pregnancy  

The consequences of teenage pregnancy on society are also threatening. An unmarried, pregnant teenager has to confront social prejudice, and they may usually not gain the help they need to settle in the community. For an expert opinion, you can contact an experienced Gynecologist in Lahore


Our society depends on moral thoughts, values, and manners. And unfortunately, teenage pregnancy is considered a taboo. Here we look at some of the negative effects of teenage pregnancy on the community.




  • Teenagers getting pregnant at an early age cannot complete their higher education due to additional burdens, which advances the rate of literacy in society.


  • The education of the teen mother stays on hold during pregnancy, and some teens even choose to fall out of their high school.


  • Teens who plan to attend college have to bear insults, acidic comments, and useless speeches from their colleagues about their pregnancy and baby. In such affairs, teen moms are determined to concentrate on the baby or intend to get married rather than following higher education.



Social Responsibilities:


  • A teenage mother has to encounter various social responsibilities like not getting a good career, and not getting regard from companions and family partners.
  • The whole social life of the teen mother gets destroyed due to her premature and unplanned pregnancy, and she has to lead her life in passionate trauma.

Raised Risk Of Poverty:


  • As teenage pregnancy restrains the mom from following higher education and developing basic qualifications, she decides to take a low-paying job.
  • In most issues, the biological father leaves the teen mother, and the newborn evolves her only responsibility.


  • Teenage pregnancy raises the danger of spending the whole life in deprivation for both the teen parents and the infant.
  •  As a result, 80% of teen moms have to depend on social welfare procedures schemed by the government.



Medical Complications:


  • Teenage pregnancy grows the risks of medical difficulties for both the mother and her baby.
  • A deficiency of proper prenatal care often generates medical complications like increased blood pressure, anemia, and sudden birth of the baby.


  • It isn’t always feasible for the teen mother to go for routine prenatal checkups, which raises the risk of medical conditions.


  • Moreover, teen pregnancy increases the medical complications in the baby, and he may suffer from low birth weight, blindness, and respiratory problems.


Substance Abuse


  • Substances are a good path to adjust facts and soften the blow. Society can be harsh, and it often drives teen mothers over the border.


  • Studies suppose that teenage pregnancy instantly affects teenage drug obsession rates.

Emotional Crisis


  • After getting pregnant at a premature age, the teen mother may suffer from a massive emotional crisis due to a deficiency of social help from the family.
  • The teen mother undergoes intense depression while facing adverse feedback about the pregnancy from the community.



Work Harder Than Others


  • For those of you who believe parenting is a duty, guess having to do it all sole, with no aid and no one to speak with! teen mothers face several effects.
  • However, the truth is that they have to perform harder than others. The insufficient literacy rates and a deficiency of education make it harder to support the child.


Societal Pressure


  • Society usually thinks teenage pregnancy is a social dilemma and young parents have to confront huge embarrassment and adverse comments from people.


Higher Suicide Rates


  • Teenage mothers are more prone to engaging in suicide, as the embarrassment and humiliation, and dearth of social support can trigger depression.



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