How Crazy is that Quiz Answers

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Do you want 100% correct How Crazy is that Quiz Answers? If Yes, then you have come to the right place. You can complete your quiz and get the reward with 100% Validity. How Crazy is that Quiz which will hold a total of 9 questions? quiz fact offers this quiz where players attempt to solve the questions to get their rewards.

Here Is A List Of Answers

Q 1. Body modification is as old as time immemorial. As of 2003, what’s the largest number of facial and body piercings ever received by one person?


  • 460
  • 4,225
  • 21, 540
  • 1,025
Correct Answer: 4,225

Q 2. When the world’s tallest person met with the world’s shortest person, it was no doubt a sight to behold. Can you tell us the difference in inches between the two human marvels?


  • 213.36 cm
  • 266.7 cm
  • 170.18 cm
  • 530.86 cm
Correct Answer: 213.36 cm

Q 3. One man has taken tattooing to the extreme and holds the record for being the most tattooed man. Can you tell us what percentage of his body is all tatted up? Type the percentage below.

Type Answer: 100%

Q 4. Takeru Kobayashi is a serious competitive eater. For which of the following jaw-breaking records does Takeru Kobayashi not hold the record?


  • Most lobster rolls eaten in 10 minutes
  • Most sushi rolls eaten in 1 minute
  • Most cow brains eaten in 15 minutes
  • Most meatballs eaten in 1 minute
Correct Answer: Most sushi rolls eaten in 1 minute

Q Alt 4. There is no limit to the imagination when it comes to owning a word. How many of these items has one person managed to put into their beard?

Type Answer 3500

Q Alt 4-2. How many hours and minutes did it take for the world record holder to place the most number of these items seen here into his epic mane?

Type Answer: 3 hours and 13 minutes

Q 5. Clipping your fingernails is typically a weekly habit for most. Not for one Indian man who holds the record for the longest fingernails on a single hand. Just how long did the nails grow in centimeters?


  • 108.8 cm
  • 235.7 cm
  • 689.1 cm
  • 909.6 cm
Correct Answer: 909.6 cm

Q Alt 5. With a measurement of 38.1 centimeters, what was the accomplishment that made this number a record to beat?


  • Longest nose hair
  • Shortest person
  • Largest pecan nut
  • Skinniest waist
Correct Answer: Skinniest waist

Q 6. What is the record number of teddy bears ever collected by one person?

Type Answer: 20,367

Q Alt 6. Whether you call it collecting or hoarding, this record is crazy. What is the record for the largest collection of memorabilia for this franchise? Type the number of items below?

Type Answer: 3626

Q 7. A strongman shocked the world when he carried a small table 11.8 meters across the room using only his teeth. Can you tell us what else was on top of the table whilst he carried it?


  • a stack of porcelain plates
  • a 26kg snake
  • a 50kg woman
  • a vase of flowers
Correct Answer: a 50kg woman

Q Alt 7. There is a record for consecutive 36 pull-ups that were performed in a very unique way. What was so unique about the pull-ups?


  • Used only elbows
  • Used only prosthetic limbs
  • Used only one arm
  • Used only pinky fingers
Correct Answer:  Used only pinky fingers

Q 8. When you think of world records and needles, you probably think of some extreme physical feat. This one is more mental, but nevertheless still mind-blowing. What is the most needles threaded with a piece of string in one minute while blindfolded?


  • 44
  • 33
  • 22
  • 11
Correct Answer: 44

Q Alt 8. Someone made it into the record book by threading 44 needles in one minute. What was unique about the record breaker’s performance?


  • They used their feet
  • They were blindfolded
  • They only had one arm
  • They were 7 years old
Correct Answer:  They were blindfolded

Q 9. What is the record for the longest time a person has held their breath underwater? Type the number of minutes and seconds below.

Type Answer: 24 minutes 37 seconds

Q Alt 9. At 4.8 meters, one man made his way into the record books by creating what? Type the two-worded record below. E.G. Largest airplane.

Type Answer: Tallest Hat