Making Programmable Logic Control Easy

Seagate Controls 

With a name like the Eaton Easy E4, there’s a lot packaged in the presentation of this programmable logic controller that has to meet expectations. Fortunately, Eaton has always done a great job not only living up to expectations but exceeding them as well. That’s the case with the Easy E4, which has been specifically designed for intuitive ease of use.

However, just because something is easy, doesn’t mean that the Easy E4 isn’t packed with a ton of capabilities. It comes with twelve input/output connection points which, when using software, can be expanded up to 188 different options as well. No surprise, Easy E4 applications in practice tend to involve multi-tasking at a minimum, managing HVAC, lights, irrigation, industrial functions, pumps and anything else that can be electronically regulated all at the same time. Usually, once put into play, the real challenge tends to be finding what the Easy E4 cannot manage or “tipping the wagon,” so to speak.

Avoid Complicated Modifications

Unlike heavy-programming options, the Easy E4 is also extremely easy to alter, modify, and reset with different configurations via the main contact panel. There’s no need to physically reroute wiring or cables. Instead, it all done by reprogramming the panel itself. This helps avoid a lot of delays due to system shutdown for physical changes, as well as mistakes made with cabling that was already set up right the first time.

The real magic of the Easy E4 tends to be realized once the logic controller is installed and running. A lot of logic controllers have to be shut down to make changes. This causes operational delays and lost productivity time. Instead, the Easy E4 incorporates the ability to expand to an additional 11 modules for additional capacity. That flexibility includes the capability of toggling different power formats, i.e. one can change between AC and DC as well as UC. Add in the included Ethernet connection hardware built-in, and the Easy E4 becomes manageable from a LAN or WAN type operation of a plant system.

Spending Time Working, Not Recording

Data analysis and visualization are hitting it bigtime now, which means every equipment point is expected to be tracked. That’s a lot of clipboard work for staff walking the plant if things aren’t automated. The Easy E4 avoids this hassle. Instead, it provides micro SD card storage so all active data can be captured and tracked in significant number scope and size, 24/7.

Assistance is Still Available

To get the best of all the above and more out of the Eaton Easy E4, expert help makes a huge difference in planning and installation to achieve optimum benefits. Again, the Easy E4 is designed to be intuitively easy to work, but experience and specialist training can definitely help folks unfamiliar with Eaton products realize the most from these wonderful products right out of the gate. Seagate Controls provides assistance with every Eaton product, including after-purchase support, maintenance guidance, and training. Call us to find out more and consider you jump into the world of Eaton with the Easy E4 and its powerful mix of controls.