Best Mental Health Clinic in Multan

Mental health is still a stigma, taboo, or considered a sensitive topic to be discussed. There are now many mental health clinics or departments in the best hospitals in Pakistan. Now you can easily find a psychologist in Multan, Lahore, or any other big city in Pakistan. Things have changed a lot in the past few years. People have now started talking about mental health and mental illnesses.

With the rise of education in Pakistan, many students started opting for the field of psychology and pursued their careers in psychiatry. These psychiatrists and psychologists are now serving in Pakistan in big hospitals or in their private clinics. Now there is a wide population of people who go to therapy for their mental health issues. But the issue that is still pertinent is affordability.

Difference between private and public hospitals

The majority of the population cannot afford private therapy sessions so it became a luxury for privileged ones. The underprivileged people do not even consider going to therapy and when they do they go to government hospitals. And we all know the situation of our government hospitals. There are rarely any psychologists present in the department and when there is one they don’t actually pay attention.

Many private hospitals have a psychiatry department and they have good and qualified psychologists and psychiatrists onboard. But the issue still remains the same, affordability. Private hospitals charge a heavy fee from patients for every session. It can be less than the fee of a private clinic but is still not affordable for many people. So, therapy is never the priority of middle-class people, they don’t want to spend money on their mental health.

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital (MASH) Multan

Mukhtar A. Sheikh is a private hospital and this is the place where you can seek the best psychologist in Multan. The hospital has a state-of-the-art building and is equipped with modern technology. Unlike many other hospitals in Multan and South Punjab, MASH has many exceptional services to offer to the people. From basic internal medicine to dealing with surgeries. Mukhtar A. Sheikh has set a standard for other private hospitals in South Punjab. One of the services that make them stand out is their mental health clinic. Let’s discuss in detail their mental health clinic.

Spring Clinic Multan

Spring Clinic is where you can find the best psychologist in Multan. It is a clinic solely dedicated to helping and treating persons with mental diseases and health problems. They have clinical psychologists who are well trained and experienced and who handle patients of all ages and mental health issues. They offer the public the following notable services:

Behavioral treatment for children with autism

Children with autism require specialized and extra care. It requires cooperation from both patients and doctors, not simply from doctors. They require assistance from everyone around them since they find social interaction uncomfortable. They benefit from behavioral therapy in their daily social interactions, friendship formation, and environmental comfort.

Children who need behavioral counseling can get it at Multan’s Spring Clinic mental health facility. The goal of behavioral therapy is to teach a child a new life skill. Compared to youngsters their age, these kids’ rates of development are poor. They acquire fundamental life skills gradually. Children receive regular therapy from psychologists at Spring Clinic, who also gives them a welcoming setting in which to study.

Counseling for pregnant or postnatal women

Many women experience many stages during pregnancy. Each person goes through this process differently. Postpartum depression is the term for the depression that many pregnant women experience or experience after giving birth. The mother and the kid must receive competent care and counseling for this depression if they are to avoid serious consequences.

Women with postpartum depression receive therapy from therapists at the Spring Clinic from the best psychologist in Multan. They provide a safe environment for women and cultivate relationships of trust so that they can express their feelings. The therapists meet with them on a daily basis and instruct them in exercises that can help them lead normal, healthy lives. Multan’s Spring Clinic is a mental health facility that prioritizes the welfare of families as a whole, including mothers and their children.

Therapy for depression and anxiety

Many of our young people struggle with mental diseases like sadness and anxiety. Young individuals can experience anxiety and depression for a variety of reasons. the intense academic competition, difficulties in the workplace, and unemployment. comparing your life to others after seeing their successes on social media. feeling isolated and believing that nobody can relate to them. distance from family and generational differences with parents.

All of these factors have the potential to be quite harmful to young people’s mental health and thinking. The spring clinic’s therapists assist young people in overcoming their anxiety and sadness. They assist them in improving their self-esteem. Instill in them an optimistic, forward-thinking mentality. They improve their lives rather than merely treating them.