Electric Unicycles

Electric unicycles are fun to ride. The ride is not as intense as that of a scooter, but electric unicycles are thrilling nonetheless. Whether you ride them for fun or as a means to exercise is entirely up to you. Either way, you will surely enjoy it.


The MTen3 Electric Unicycle is a great choice for a commuter looking for a green and convenient way to get around town. Its powerful battery provides plenty of torque and acceleration, making it ideal for cruising around town or climbing hills. Its 512WH 84V battery offers 30 miles of range at moderate cruising speeds. Although this electric unicycle isn’t as fast as a traditional bicycle, it is still a great option for a city commute.

King Song 18S

The King Song 18S Electric Unicycle is a new electric unicycle with a sports bike-like design. The sleek body features aggressive curvature and an aerodynamic air intake system. It also features a variable linkage dampening air suspension system with a 100mm travel range.


The MTen4 Electric Unicycle is the most compact electric unicycle on the market. It comes with a 1000W motor, 11” knobby tires, a display, and handles for easy steering. It also features LED front/taillights, and a battery pack with 20 cells in series and parallel. It is expected to last up to 50 miles per charge.


The MTen5 Electric Unicycle is one of the newest models in the line of ELECTRIC UNICYCLES. The company is known for making some of the most innovative electric vehicles on the market. The company, originally known as Gotway, started operations in 2014 and has since revolutionized the industry with their advanced technology. These electric vehicles offer the convenience and affordability of riding a bike while enjoying the freedom of being completely hands-free. They offer a wide range of e-unicycles, including both regular and electric-drive models. The company also produces electric scooters and skateboards.


The MTen3 Electric Unicycle is the most compact EUC in the world, weighing just 28 pounds. It features an 800W motor, multiple RGB LED lighting modes, and a battery indicator. Its portability is one of its best attributes.


The MTen7 Electric Unicycle is a fully-electric, foldable unicycle with a 1000-watt motor and 11-inch knobby tires. It has an LED front/taillight and a handlebar display, and a battery pack with 20 cells in series and parallel. You can also buy an optional rapid charger, which charges the battery pack in just two or three hours.


The MTen8 Electric Unicycle is a high-end model with high-performance and advanced features. It comes with a 512Wh battery pack, an 84V motor, and a speed of 23 miles per hour without a load. This unicycle is a perfect choice for last-mile commuting and comes with a tilt back alarm and anti-spin lift sensor. With its surprisingly long range and advanced lighting, this bike is a great option for commuters.


The Begode MTen4 Electric Unicycle is a cute electric unicycle, and it is reminiscent of BB-8, one of the EUCs in the Star Wars movie series. It is easy to maneuver and has a speed of up to 24 miles per hour. It is a great choice for beginners or older riders who want an easy electric unicycle.


The MTen12 Electric Unicycle is an electric unicycle that can be operated with an onboard battery. The battery pack, which measures 3,024 watt-hours, produces a power output of up to 4,500W (6 hp), with a maximum peak power of 10,000W (13.3 hp). The MTen12’s design allows you to customize your ride, from the height of the pedals to the power level. The MTen12 has a touch screen that can be used for setting and changing settings. In addition, the touchscreen is a great tool for performing calibrations and firmware upgrades.


Unlike traditional unicycles, the modern electric unicycle features advanced electronics, direct current motors, gyroscopes, and accelerometers. The result is an electric unicycle that is nearly silent and capable of going faster than a bicycle. In addition to being quiet, the MTen18 Electric Unicycle also weighs only 25 pounds.