How To Give A New Life To Your Used Car in Dubai?

Buying a brand new car is every resident’s dream, but most of us can’t afford the new car prices in UAE. You can purchase your dream car from Used Cars for Sale in UAE. Buy a used car at a low price and give a new life to your used car by just spending a little on its maintenance and renovation. 

Maintenance of used cars in Dubai can make their performance excellent and reliable for the long-term driving experience. Most people spend a long time with one car just because they take proper care of it and make its presentation attractive through its maintenance.

Have you recently bought a used car in Dubai and got the keys? 

Many Congratulations to you! But wait, don’t go driving it across the city just yet. There are a few measures you need to consider before your first drive. So, put in some effort, make it feel new and trendy, and start off a great journey with your new purchase. Here are the efforts you can make to give a new life to your used car.

  • Conduct Inspection & Service from a Trusted Mechanic

Getting an inspection service for your used car purchase is always safe. The inspection information will tell you all about the wear and tear of the used car. You can then, according to the information; get the essential fixes with a post-purchase car check-up, which usually includes:

  • The engine
  • The filters
  • The brakes
  • Electrical connection

If you have knowledge about car functioning, you can check and fix these yourself. But if you are not, you need help from a professional and trusted car mechanic. Ask them to check the brake system and detect and fix any loose wires in the car. 

  • Properly Clean & Paint Exterior of the Used Car

A muddy car body never attracts anyone and degrades the value of your car. You should start cleaning the car’s exterior to make it a new one. You can start by washing the car by yourself with soap and water. If there is excessive dirt, use a fiber towel to remove the dirt from your car. If you have seen scratches on the car’s body, you can remove them with touch-up paint. Or, if you find more defects in the color of the car’s body, you can also go for a complete car body painting. 

    • Replace Old Worn Tires with New Shiny Rim Tires

Car tires are never lifetime long-lasting. You need to change the tires of any type of car make, ideally after spending a specific time or when your car tires never perform well. Don’t trust old tires because flat tires are the biggest reason for road accidents. If you feel that tires are not functioning correctly or you’re not feeling comfortable while driving, don’t ignore it and change your car tires on top priority. If you want an entirely new appearance and make every ride luxurious, spend money on the tires and buy new ones for your car. 

  • Change the Air Filter of the Car

Air filters get contaminated very fast in desert areas, which ultimately consumes more fuel and decreases the performance efficiency of your car. Change air filters once a year to make your car perform well on the road. If your drive a vehicle in the dusty and highly heated summers of Dubai, then change the dirty air filter twice a year. New air filters help to make your old car fuel-efficient and fast in performance. 

  • Deeply Clean the Interior

You need to clean the dirt from the inside to make sure you are doing an excellent job for your car to make it new. Usually, carpets get contaminated with sand, mud, and debris, as used cars in Dubai suffer a lot from sand storms. Take out all the carpets, wash them with detergent, and use a fabric softener to maintain their color and softness. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt particles from car seats and other nooks and corners. You can use a small brush or towel to clean the interior, like the door side, steering, cup holders, radio, and AC. If you feel an unpleasant odor from the car, use a good spray after cleaning the interior.  

  • Change the Windshield

A clean windshield makes your front look neat and shiny, just like a new car. To give the car a new look, you need to replace the windshield if it looks poor. The windshield replacement is expensive but can give your used car a brand-new look. 

Scratches and drills on the windshield make it give an impact of an old car. It would be great if you also changed old windshield wipers because old wipers can create strikes and scratches on your new windshield.

  • Fix Problems by Replacing a New Car Battery

An old car battery is one of the most dangerous things that can disturb your driving experience. You can’t drive smoothly with flat battery issues. If you want to make your car function with outstanding performance, you must fix all of the issues. The car’s battery has limited time and needs to be replaced after 3 to 4 years. If you bought a used car in Dubai and the car owner never replaced the battery for a long time. A flat battery never allows you to charge the battery adequately for smooth driving. 

Summing Up:

You can give fresh life to your old used car in Dubai by following the above mentioned car maintenance tips. It’s not just about servicing your car; it takes a bit more. After carrying out appropriate maintenance tips, you must always focus on your driving style to maintain your car in good condition. 

Most of the time, appearance doesn’t matter in the case of used cars for sale in UAE. Buyers need a good performance car that can give a great driving experience. 

However, after initial maintenance, you need to take care of your car to save it from extravagant maintenance expenses and keep it the same as a new car.