How can I look elegant and classy every day?

Let’s discuss how to look fashionable every day because it’s simpler than you might imagine. Your financial situation, way of life, or physical type is irrelevant. No matter if you are running about in yoga pants or wearing a suit to the office, looking your best only requires a little planning and effort. I worked as a personal stylist for almost ten years. I didn’t work with famous people or prominent women. I didn’t have clientele with endless funds or couture-filled wardrobes. I worked with women like you instead. Dedicated, frugal, and busy, very busy.

Figure out your personal style

First things first, you need to identify the clothing categories that you enjoy wearing. No, I’m not referring to what you see on Instagram or what is currently in styles, such as knee-high boots or items with cheetah or croc prints. I’m referring to the silhouettes and fashions that you would wear regardless of current trends. Those who perfectly fit your personality and body type and whom you adore.

The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees was one book that greatly assisted me in finding my own personal style. It is written in the form of a workbook and focuses on assisting you in learning about your preferences for silhouettes, colors, and other elements so you may create the wardrobe of your dreams that is actually effortless.

Dress in opulent materials like silk, satin, cashmere, etc.

High-quality fabrics, frequently with a high thread count, are known as luxury fabrics. They cost more than other fabrics because they are sturdy and frequently feel nicer.

Silk, cashmere, and wool are a few of the most well-liked luxury textiles. These materials are all renowned for being soft and breathable, making them ideal for apparel that must be both fashionable and comfortable. Given that they last longer and can be passed down from one generation to the next, luxury fabrics. Luxury textiles are made to last, as opposed to fast-fashion items, which frequently fall apart or lose their shape rapidly.

Create Your Own Hair and Makeup Look

You need a signature hair and cosmetics style to finish off your sleek, simple clothing. It need not be audacious, but it must be YOU. Think of Blake Lively’s blonde beachy waves, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly’s chic ponytails and chignons, and Taylor Swift’s red lip. Despite trying several hairstyles and cosmetic looks, elegant ladies always go back to what they know works best. It’s a coral lip and loose curls for me.

Pick a neutral color scheme

This advice may not suit everyone, but sticking to neutral, tonal hues is a simple approach to look smart if your style is more conventional with a modern twist. Neutrals not only go well together but can also be readily transformed into a monochromatic ensemble, which is pretty much the height of stylish. Enjoy bright colors and patterns? Try it out! The secret to remaining fashionable is to keep up with changes in clothing’s cut and design.

Don’t hesitate to Accessorize

Do you want to know how to dress swanky but on a tight budget? Try accessorizing an outfit if it just seems a little plain to you. I always advise pairing your clothing with at least one item! You don’t have to continually spend thousands of dollars on an elegant appearance. Including an accessory is perfectly acceptable. A bold-colored pocketbook, a pair of earrings, a stunning watch, or even a necklace might be considered a statement item. Depending on what you picked, this may significantly enhance the uniqueness of your look! Additionally, don’t be hesitant to wear them all.

Minimize your makeup application

Beyond attire, maintaining a simple cosmetics routine is another method to constantly look nice. The major benefit is that it saves you a lot of time. You won’t have to spend an hour doing makeup while still rushing to get the kids off to school. However, it also offers these advantages: Saves space in your bathroom cabinet and your luggage when you travel. Saves you money. Increases your ability to purchase high-quality, health-promoting things rather than inexpensive ones packed with harmful chemicals.

Spend Money on Simple Upgrades

Spend money on these three things to rapidly improve your appearance, especially in the fall:

  • a wonderful camel or dark grey coat
  • a superior handbag in a comparable neutral shade, like the Lv Neverfull Black ,
  • and your go-to shoe.

If you frequently reach for your boots, choose the highest-quality pair you can. Wear sneakers all day long? Purchase one that you can pair with many clothes for a sporty yet polished appearance. When you incorporate a higher-quality piece into your regular wardrobe, you add a chic element that develops an elegant look. These are some of the useful ways to always look elegant and classy, however, there are hundreds of ways of doing that. But in my opinion whatever you wear, whatever you carry you need to wear one thing really well and that is your confidence. Confidence makes you 10 times more attractive and classy.