5 Real-Life Applications of Coordinate Geometry

The study of all the geometric figures by plotting them together in coordinate axes. Rene Descartes developed the theory of coordinate geometry as he was trying to find the path of a fly crawling across the beams. 

Students don’t tend to focus on coordinate geo as it contains less weightage in the examination. It plays a vital role in the real world. Many things are dependent on the coordinate geometry and its axes. 

Applications of Coordinate Geometry 

It is always better to understand the real-life concepts of anything. It’ll give you exposure to the problems, which will eventually help you to understand the concepts better. Therefore, you can clearly see a few applications that will help you to understand coordinate geometry better:

  1. It helps you to find out the distance between two points.
  2. It analyzes the ratio m:n and calculates the dividing line.
  3. It helps to find out the measurement of the triangle in the Cartesian plane.
  4. You can also find out the midpoint as well.


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Real-life Examples of Coordinate Geometry

  1. Maps & Projections

This technique converts any 3D image or object into a 2D flat surface. This type of coordinated process is known as projected coordinated geometry. It represents any kind of map or structure on the computer screen. Both these 2D and 3D figures help to identify the features and describe the shape of any object. 

  1. Locating Air Transportation

Coordinate geometry manages and regulates air transportation. If you want to find out the aircraft’s current location, then this is the one you’re looking for. Even the slightest movements are noted, whether the flight is shifting (upward, downward, backward, or forward). You need to make sure of every tiny detail.

  1. Technology

Coordinate geometry is widely used in every aspect of life. In technology, if we look at robotics, computer science, video games, code, or anything else, geometry is a part of it. In video games, you need geometry to create and use the graphics. It is a live example of how the virtual world works and is generated. Know more about the coordinate axes with R S Agrawal Class 9 Solutions

  1. GPS

A space-based satellite navigation system tells about the person’s time and location in any weather. In the GPS, the longitudes and the latitudes are its coordinates. 

Look at your surroundings closely, and you’ll notice that geometry is everywhere with different shapes and sizes. Today, you need GPS to reach your destination. Remember a few years back when GPS wasn’t a part of our life? How difficult it would have been if there had been no geometry. 

  1. Digital world

In the digital world, many things happen due to coordinate geometry. A text file or pdf can be a great examples of the digital world. A 2D coordinate system that helps to read any text or image. Another example is photocopy machines and scanners to generate a perfect and specific image of the original. 


In this article, we can understand coordinate geometry, its applications, and another real-life applications of coordinate systems. We often hear that does not hold that much importance because it does not carry many marks in the examination. 

Last of all, we’ve discussed many examples of coordinate geometry, which will help you analyze the topic quickly and show you the importance. Hope you understand the value of  and its applications.


Q1. How can coordinate geometry be applied to different fields of study?

Ans. As we’ve mentioned above, coordinate geometry can be applied to different fields of study to explain the concept better. Hence, we’ve included the different fields of study. 


Q2. Why do we need to learn the coordinate plane?

Ans. To understand the algebra algorithm better, which will help you study better, you also need to learn the coordinate planes. 


Q3. How can I understand coordinate geometry better?

Ans. To illustrate the problems better you need to understand the coordinate plane and the geometry better by Math Exemplar for Class 9



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