These were the 10 youtubers who earned the most money

They added $300 million in revenue last year

300 million dollars. It is the amount that, in sum, the ten YouTube stars Like PewDiePie’s with the highest income earned in 2021. The streaming video platform is in a fierce fight to prevent the flight of talent to rivals such as Twitch, after the popularization of live broadcasts against to the prerecorded videos that made it take off.

All in all, YouTube already exceeds 2,000 million users (40% more than five years ago), a growth that matches that of advertising revenue. From this they obtain a good part of their fortunes the following enumerated, along with the multiple sponsorship agreements that their presence in the network of networks favors:


Preston Arsement

His PestronPlayZ channel , with 18 million subscribers, focuses on the virtual building phenomenon Minecraft. According to Forbes, he amassed 16 million euros last year.


logan paul

Brother of controversial Jake Paul (defunct Vine app celebrity turned boxer), he generated 100 million views with his ‘ Impulsive ‘ podcast in 2021. He earned $18 million .


Perfect Dude

The followers of this quintet enjoy their extreme sports videos. Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones and Tyler Toney pocketed more than 20 million euros .


Ryan Kai

He started on YouTube when he was 4 years old. His channel ‘ Ryan’s World ‘ exceeds 31 million subscribers and has his own line of toys, which has brought him up to 27 million dollars in revenue.



Another very young star of the platform (7 years old) who has hooked 87.5 million users around the globe with his video chronicles . In 2021 alone, her parents managed benefits worth 28 million dollars .



He has been uploading videos to his four YouTube channels for a decade , which has earned him more than 20 million subscribers (and 28.5 million dollars between last January and December). Minecraft is the main occupation of him.


Rhett and Link

This couple has specialized in daily talk shows like the veteran ‘ Good Mythical Morning ‘. They have even formed a youtubers accelerator to promote the future stars of the guild. They entered 30 million dollars according to Forbes.



With 31 million subscribers under his belt and a successful merchandising business, Markiplier got his start on YouTube by streaming the video game ‘Five Night at Freddy’s.’ Now he earns up to 38 million dollars per year.


Jake Paul

As we pointed out to the collation of his brother Logan -in ninth place on this list- he changed the broadcasts for boxing gloves as a result of a scandalous video published in 2017. He is not doing badly, according to the 45 million dollars he got in 2021.



Surely it sounds familiar to you because of its recreation of the series The Squid Game. It exceeds 90 million subscribers and gives name to an application to order hamburgers throughout the United States, all of which translates into an annual fortune of 54 million dollars .

The wealthiest patriotic ‘streamers’

Although far from the figures recorded by the great American streamers, the national panorama also leaves us with considerable income from the figures with the most repercussion on platforms such as YouTube or Twitch -as long as we ignore certain Andorran changes-. They are ordered as follows according to the estimates of different statistical sites, although the positions vary greatly if one takes into account the benefits obtained from sponsorships (impossible to calculate):


Guillermo Díaz has 17.1 million followers on his ‘ Willyrex ‘ channel (just over 800,000 on Twitch ), having specialized in broadcasting such popular video games as Call of Duty, Fortnite or GTA. According to the Social Blade website, up to 1 million euros per year would be pocketed.


The man from Bilbao is the third highest paid streamer on Twitch (where he has 9.9 million followers) in the world, to the point of having blown up television audiences with his broadcasts. Sonada was his participation in the Fun & Serious Game Festival, where he raised astronomical figures by orchestrating two solidarity tournaments. The financial company CashNetUsa estimates its annual income at 1.18 million euros .

The Grefg

Murcian David Cánovas grabbed all the headlines when, just a year ago, he broke the record for views on Twitch (his idyll with Fortnite led him to have an avatar in the game itself). He has 17.4 million subscribers on YouTube and 9.4 million on Twitch, mostly responsible for him earning up to 2.2 million euros per year according to Social Blade.


Samuel de Luque is another of the most recognizable content creators in terms of electronic entertainment. On his channel ‘ VEGETTA777 ‘ (with 32.9 million subscribers; 1.1 million on Twitch ) he combines videos about the popular video game Minecraft with others focused on his personal life. Again according to Social Blade, his income would amount to 2.7 million euros per year.


Rubén Doblas, elRubius, would earn up to 4.3 million euros (according to Business Insider and considering all his activity). He also began commenting on video games on the Internet, which earned him explosive popularity: 40.3 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel