Why Should You Choose A Wheeled Excavator For Road Construction?

A multipurpose and multi-tasking equipment, the excavator, is a lifesaver for construction managers. You can even rely on this incredible equipment even in the toughest jobs like road construction.  It would not be an exaggeration if we say that an excavator can share your burden on the road construction sites. The equipment has the capability of extending its working capacity and providing more working leverage. No matter if you are running out of budget or in shortage of equipment in the market, you can always count on a wheeled excavator.

Construction managers especially in U.S and Canada love using this equipment for road construction as it provides them the flexibility of work and does not put a burden on the account as well. In this article, you will know why should you choose a wheeled excavator for a road construction project. Keep reading the amazing reasons.

It’s mobility

The first and most interesting reason for choosing a wheeled excavator for sale is its moving flexibility. During road construction, it is a big hassle to move heavy equipment, whereas the wheeled excavator is easy on this job. You can save time and money at the same time as the equipment can easily perform all the required jobs from hauling to carrying the loads. The operator also feels easy to operate the machine due to its user-friendly feature.

Another big hassle is the speed of equipment on road construction. The Volvo-wheeled excavator can hit a speed up to 22mph. you can also reduce the other cost of transport by using the wheeled excavator in towing trailers with different attachments.

It’s Maneuverability

The wheeled excavator can run in a single lane of traffic regardless of the other equipment that requires a double lane to run on. Volvo presents two different wheeled excavators EWR150E and EWR170E that are short swing excavators and have large flexibility of working capacity on road construction.

Its Flexible configuration

Another main reason to choose a wheeled excavator for road construction is flexibility in configurations. You can easily attach different attachments and arms to improve productivity. The two-piece boom also allows the wheeled excavator to work under tight spaces such as beneath the bridges. You can easily dig the ground with this boom attachment as well. The other attachments also help in clearing the roadside from outgrown bushes and trees without destructing the asphalt or road belt.

Its low price and high performance

The most important thing is the low price and better performance are what make it the most demanding equipment for road construction. Construction managers always wish to get high-performance equipment under their budget. The wheeled excavator satisfies their need over the truck-mounted excavator. You get a lot of beneficial features at a low price. The operating and other expenses are also less than the other equipment. So, why would a construction manager turn to other equipment if they have an option to choose the wheeled excavator for road construction?


The wheeled excavator for sale is always a practical choice for road construction projects. You have many reasons to choose this incredible machine over others. Its low price, flexible configuration, high performance, and user-friendly features make it the most sought equipment for a road construction project. Read the article to know more about why should you choose a wheeled excavator for a road construction project.

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