Tips to Find the Genuine Helicopter Lessons in Manchester

One of the most fun, rewarding, and exciting challenges you can give yourself is learning to fly a helicopter. But since each school has different benefits and different facilities, how do you find the right helicopter lessons in Manchester that will also be a good long-term fit? 

Below you will find the best advice on how to find the right school for you. 

Go talk to them

Any reputable school that cares about its students will always be happy to meet with you over a cup of tea or coffee to talk about what you want to get out of flying and see if it’s right for you. Call them and make an appointment to visit. This should be a no-obligation chat where you can find out what helicopters you could learn to fly, the pros and cons of each, how the course is set up, what the team is like, and what the school is like in general. Some schools may tell you to sign up for a trial lesson before you talk about anything else on your first visit. 

Take a look at the helicopter

A good sign of a good school is how much money they put into the helicopters they use and how well they take care of them. Your safety must come first! Older helicopters aren’t always a bad sign because they’re made to last, but a helicopter looks like it came from your grandfather’s garage, and oil running down the side is surely not a good sign.

Look for helicopters that are always clean and shiny, with modern avionics and high-quality tech you can use in flight. Thus, it will help you achieve the best helicopter rides in Blackpool.

How much will it really cost? 

Price is a big factor when deciding on helicopter lessons in Manchester. Lessons are expensive, but you need to look at more than just the price per hour. 

Make sure there are no surprises. For example, non-refundable block rates or training bundles. A block rate for 10–20 hours may be a good deal, but not if life gets in the way and your situation changes 20 hours into your training, leaving you out of pocket. Another thing to watch out for is a promise of a certain training milestone at the end of each training block. Is it realistic? After all, you can’t promise anything because people learn at different speeds. If you get to the hours and still haven’t done it, you might feel down, which could affect your flying and make it take you even longer to get there. 

It’s important to look at how prices are put together. A good tip is to see if the flight school has one price list that includes all of the services they offer in a clear and simple way, with all costs listed up front, such as fees for exams, landings, and circuits. So you can get a more correct cost estimate. 

Learn About Planning

It’s important that your helicopter flying lessons are based on your schedule and where you are in your flying skills at the time. Look for helicopter flying lessons in Blackpool that will work with you when your schedule isn’t “normal. Find a group that is willing to help. After all, learning to fly should be fun, not like sitting in traffic for hours. 

At the beginning of your training, lessons should last about an hour. If they last longer, you may get too much information, which can hurt your training. From what we’ve seen, a good rule of thumb for a one-hour flight is to give yourself about three hours for everything. Your flying lesson shouldn’t be rushed. You should get your money’s worth. As you get better, you’ll be able to fly for longer periods of time or more than once a day without any problems. Your teacher will be the best person to decide. 

Get to Know Your Teachers 

We are sure that the key to a great school is having great teachers who are not only well trained but also have the same values. Not only is it more fun to learn from dedicated, interesting instructors who are willing to think outside the box to help, but it also improves your training and makes you a safer pilot. 

A commercial pilot with lots of experience as an instructor is a must. They will have flown in many different situations and learned from the challenges of flight. They will also have taken important and difficult theoretical knowledge exams, which makes them well-rounded and knowledgeable, instructors. 

When looking for a school to teach you how to fly a helicopter, talk to all of the instructors and see how well you get along with them. Ask a lot of questions, like how long they’ve been at the school, what makes it different from the others, or even a technical question to see how they respond.

This helps you find the best helicopter lessons in Manchester.