Commonly Used Dozer Blade Attachment

Dozer is the construction machinery we use in multiple jobs on the construction site. It helps in dozing, excavating, earthmoving, leveling, demolition, and other kinds of tasks. They are the most sought and powerful equipment in the construction industry. They are also referred to as crawler dozers, bulldozers, and dozers.

Due to their strong body, they can easily access rocky, rough, muddy, and sandy places. As they are multipurpose equipment, we can extend their working capacity by attaching them with multiple suitable attachments. The attachment not only extends the working capacity of the dozer but also reduces the cost you need to spend on other equipment.

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In this article, we are listing some of the most common attachments used with the dozer. These blade attachments are compatible with the dozer aiming to increase their productivity of them.

  • S-Blades or Straight BladesĀ 

The used bulldozer for sale is attached with a blade for dozing the ground. The S-shaped blade is very common among all the blades. They are straight and short blade attachments. They are very helpful in stripping and moving fine-grained or high-density materials. Lifting is not possible for them as they do not have side wings. They are also not good at carrying low-density materials.

  • U-Shaped or Universal Blade

Another commonly used attachment is a U-shaped blade. These blades have side wings and an expanded curved shape. The main advantage of these blades is that they are very good at hauling soft materials like sand and mud over larger areas of land. The universal blades are the best option for larger projects. They are very efficient in projects like ditching, hauling, pushing, etc. the height and size of these blades are comparatively larger than the s-shaped blades.

  • S-U-Blade or Semi-U blade

The attractive and potential features of both s and u blades are combined in this semi-u blade. This is also a very common attachment used in the dozer to expand its working capacity. The side wings attached to them are quite smaller than the u-blade whereas the shape is not so curved. It has a great ability to perform the job in all conditions. They are good with softer, heavier, and larger materials. Further, you can use them in ditching, hauling, and stumping projects as well.

  • Angle Blade

The angle blade is another commonly used attachment that is fixed to the center of the dozer. The amazing feature of this blade is that it can be turned 30 percent on each site. This movement helps in moving and pushing the material in a more practical manner. You can easily move snow, mud, sand, and concrete piles with this blade attachment.


Dozers are the most sought construction equipment that can outperform in different jobs. The new or used bulldozer for sale can extend its working capacity by fixing them with different blade attachments. The commonly used blade attachments are listed in this article. Their benefits and main features are also discussed so that you can read them to know which are best for your next job.