Far Cry: New Dawn, the sequel to FC5

Far Cry: New Dawn arrives as a direct sequel to Far Cry 5. Ubisoft has chosen to offer continuity in this new installment, which is quite a novelty, because until now we had different chapters of the saga, extensions and related alternate stories.

It is not accurate to refer to Far Cry: New Dawn as Far Cry 6 . It is not about a new story, but about recovering characters and settings. The truth is that this new installment answers the question: What happened in Hope County? We enter the post-apocalyptic space of this place.

The consecutive official gameplay of the new title and the more or less secure leaks of Far Cry: New Dawn have left interesting data to be able to eagerly await its final arrival, although there is also a sector of players that qualifies the new FC5 skin title. However, from Ubisoft profound changes and surprises have been assured, beyond the aesthetic.

Ubisoft hasn’t given Far Cry gamers much time to get bored . The fifth installment arrived in March 2018 and not even a year has passed and the sequel to that adventure is already available -since February 15.

Same map, same open world

Hope County remains the setting. It is curious to observe how they have changed and evolved after the apocalyptic end of the fifth installment. The maximum commitment has been made to offer this experience of reliving moments already lived through the scenarios already covered. The game map you already know in essence, although get ready for new appearances: more vegetation, color and some new facilities such as an amusement park have been incorporated.

New enemy: twice as many villains

The mystery about the whereabouts or new role of Joseph Seed is opened , but what has been seen so far confirms that you have to face new villains: the twin sisters Mickey and Lou. The Hurk figure also fits in somewhat because there is a pre-order DLC under the name Hurk’s Legacy.

Time: 17 years later

Ubisoft has opened the door – finally: many were waiting for them – to the direct sequels of its main successes. For this premiere they have thought of a jump in time of 17 years, after the events that occurred with the prophet Seed. How has Hope County been? What remains of then? What’s new? Almost two decades give for many changes…

Will Far Cry 6 arrive in the near future?

Given the speed with which Ubisoft has released this sequel to Far Cry 5 , one wonders if it is a release to entertain the wait until the landing of the sixth installment of the collection or if, on the contrary, the company has focused its interests in sequels and sequels for the most successful titles and stories such as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, for which many gamers have been clamoring for a sequel for a long time.

There is no official news to discern what Ubisoft will bring again and it seems premature to venture whether or not there will be an FC6 when the new title has yet to prove everything. The company is likely to expect results, reactions and welcomes to redirect its new projects.