What Is The Best Content Length For A Guest Post?

There are many article lengths, but the majority of articles seem to fall within the 1000-2000 word range. What’s the best length for a guest post? The answer to this question might’ve changed in the last few months, but in the past, long-form content (over 1000 words) for blog posts has been more effective. Discover which the best length is for your SEO Writing

In this article, we are not only going to discuss the best length for your Guest Post but also some good reasons why and how the length of your content can help in increasing traffic. No matter if you are a newbie or an expert writer, it’s necessary for you to determine how many words it takes to the best guest post out there.

What is the standard length for a guest post?

Many people don’t care about how long their guest posts should be. But the truth is that it really matters. The length of an article or blog post has a great impact on Search Engine Optimization. Before knowing the standard length, you should know on which factors your blog length depends.

How to figure out the length of your article:

There is a number of different factors on which the standard length of a guest post depends. Here’s what it includes:

  • Know your Audience
  • Determine your goal
  • Optimize your article with SEO tricks
  • How to use short paragraphs in a guest blog post

Know your audience:

Every piece of content you create can be targeted toward a specific audience. It helps to determine who it is you looking for and what message you want to communicate. Remember, you are not writing to everyone, only to a specific group of people.

What is the best content length for a guest post?

It’s easy to write an article with lots of content and assume your readers will click through to all of what you’re saying. But when that doesn’t happen, you risk alienating your audience and having them not listen to anything else you have to say. Determining your audience is especially a must for content that is published online for free.

When you are struggling in determining your word count, notice how much ability your words have to reach your target audience. If you think that 300 to 400 words are to convey your message, then no need to write cheesy and unnecessary paragraphs just to increase the word count.


The best method to know your “how long your blog post should be” and “how to identify your audience” is to find out the answers to these few questions:

  • On which social media account your audience is attracted the most?
  • What are the main interests of your audience?
  • What type of content do they like to share?
  • How is your audience’s response to your long or short guest post?

Optimizing Blog Length for SEO:

Another important factor for identifying a standard length is optimizing blog length for SEO. The most seen and liked article lengths range from 1000 to 1500 or 1500 to 2500.

There is a number of content marketing sources that have confirmed that the length of your guest post has a great impact on the Search Engine Optimization of your company or brand. Now the question that came into your mind is, Why Long-form content is successful? Yes, many SEO specialists confirmed that long-form content is a win. Here is why:

What is the best content length for a guest post?

  • For example, a guest post is 2200 to 2500 long. This length can be ideal because:
  • It contains more information and it has the potential to educate your audience more as compared to short-form content.
  • The long-form content allows more space for backlinks, call to action, and lead magnets which are the main sources of Search Engine Optimized content.
  • Your goal should be to impress Google. The only way to impress Google is to let people stay on your blog post for a long. The long-form content makes the stay of a visitor to your blog longer and again this way, your article can gain more traffic.

How to use short paragraphs in a guest blog post:

From the above-explained examples and assumptions, it can be seen that a long guest post would be a good option for you.

The next thing you time to know is how to break your text in your guest post. Long and boring paragraphs in your content will not help your ranking. For this reason, we need to convert our long text into chunks of paragraphs to make it easier to read.

SEO Writing is an important part of many parts of our business. But the longer it goes on, the harder it is to keep our audience connected and engaged with the content we publish.

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