Is Microfiber Cloth Better than Cotton? – A Guide for Automobile Owners

Nowadays, most car owners prefer microfiber cloths in place of cotton. It is because the material of the cleaning cloth of your vehicle makes a difference. Using the correct cleaning method and correct cleaning material, you can keep the original shine of your car paint intact. So, the answer to whether microfiber cloth better than cotton is yes.

Well, there are obviously some advantages that microfiber cloths offer. They are cost-effective and can be used for a long without the need for any necessary replacements. Unlike cotton cloths, they do not catch bacteria easily and don’t emit a foul odour. You can choose from a variety of microfiber car clothes online at CarOrbis. 

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How Are Microfiber Cloths made?

Microfiber cloths are made from a blend of polyester, nylon, and polyamide. They are synthetic in nature. The synthetic blend makes it easy to efficiently clean the car’s surface as the fiber is much more refined compared to cotton cloth

With more fibers in your cleaning material, you would require fewer detergents or car wash chemicals. The Presence of fibers also helps it to absorb all the dust particles efficiently, leaving the surface clean.

Advantages of Using Microfiber Cloths In Place Of Cotton:

The use of cotton clothes carries many risks that could later dig a large hole in your pocket. If you want to protect your expensive car paint you must choose microfiber clothes. Using them can bring many benefits. Some of them are listed below.

Durable Material:

Purchasing a microfiber cloth can protect you from the hassle of changing your car cleaning cloth frequently. The material is also highly resistant to lint so you can ensure a more extended use than ordinary cotton cloth. Cleaning them is also extremely easy. All you need to do is throw them into the washing machine as you don’t need to worry about lint.

Highly Absorbent:

Microfiber cloths are highly absorbent in nature. They possess the utmost potential to absorb all the dirt that remains stuck on the surface of your car paint. In case of any spilling, microfiber cloths help in the effective removal of all the fluid. They have the potential to hold up to eight times the weight of their own!

Synthetic Build-up:

Their synthetic build-up produces a static charge which makes the cleaning process vigorous. The charge is produced every time the cloth fibers come together during wiping. It traps all the dirt inside and keeps the car’s surface clean.

Protects The Vehicle Paint From Scratches:

With microfiber cloths, the possibility of scratches on the car’s surface is much lower than with cotton clothes. 

Cost Effective In The Long Run:

The cost of microfiber cloths is much higher than any cotton towels, providing value for money in the long run. This is because they can go on for at least ten years without needing any necessary replacement.

Some Disadvantages of Using Cotton Cloths for Car Detailing:

Did you ever wonder why cotton clothes are never recommended for car owners? Get acquainted with some of the disadvantages of using cotton cloths for cleaning your vehicle.

Insufficient Cleaning:

Cotton clothes possess the tendency to leave dust particles behind during cleaning. As a result, they push the dirt on the surface of your vehicle, making the entire cleaning process time-consuming.

They Are Vulnerable to The Attack Of bacteria:

Due to their organic build-up, cotton materials are incredibly vulnerable to bacteria attacks. This hampers the cloth’s longevity and emits a foul odour that will make your cleaning process complex.

They Might Leave Scratches on Your Car paint:

Cotton towels are only good for cleaning your engine. When it comes to the surface of your car, it’s not a good option. Cotton materials are not lint-free, and they might leave hairline scratches on the surface of your car paint.

Is Microfiber Cloth Better Than Cotton?

Considering all the advantages of using microfiber cloths and the disadvantages of regular cotton towels, it can be said that microfiber cloths are way better than cotton. Moreover, they are designed for car detailing and provide exceptional benefits when used.

Final Thoughts:

You have already realised why are microfiber clothes better than cotton. But while choosing microfiber cloths for cleaning your car, make sure you don’t use the same cloth for all the parts of your car. Separate their use. This will help you towards a better and more sorted car detailing process. Choose among the top car detailing products online to get delivered to your doorstep with easy return policies and free shipping.