Article Writing Examples For Students

Article writing is a necessary skill for any student. Articles should be short, visually appealing, and easy to read. It should be written in the 5 W’s (structure, content, audience, and style). The main goal should be stated in the opening paragraph, explained in the body, and expanded upon at the end. Research and analysis should be incorporated into the article to support the main goal. Students must know how to use an outline to write a compelling article.


The first step in writing an article is to outline what the article will contain. Without an outline, the article will wander and may contain inaccurate information. To avoid this problem, students should use a sample article or a short outline to write their article. The following are some general tips that students should keep in mind when writing an article:

A good rule is to keep your sentences short and get to the point. The Writing Center at UW-Madison offers a great example. Another tip is to use an active voice whenever possible. The active voice involves the subject acting, while the passive voice is used when someone receives an action. The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill also advises students to make their sentences as short as possible, avoiding the use of unnecessary words such as adverbs.

When writing an article, it’s important to choose a topic that is interesting to the reader. Then, the essay writer should use an eye-catching title that engages the reader’s interest. It should also provide a preview of the article’s topic. The article itself can be structured in a question format, e.g., a question, or in the form of a list. If the article is long, it’s important to include a title that is not too long.


When writing an article, it is crucial to ensure your piece is clear and concise. You should also avoid using informal slang and short word abbreviations. Articles are generally written in the third person and should be logical and complete. Article writing is very common among students who are studying English. Students should ensure they follow the correct format and avoid using words they don’t know. They should also stick to a word limit.

A good resource for students is the Feature Article Template. It contains examples of articles written in different formats. This template can be useful for students because they can select the format that works for them. For example, students can select a format that matches their writing style and audience. In this way, they can get a feel for the writing they will need to produce. Also, an article written in a formal style is not as effective as an informal one.

There are differences between formal and informal writing. Informal writing is more informal. It shows respect for your audience. You should avoid using first-person pronouns and using long sentences. Instead, you can use shorter sentences and contractions. You should check for errors in both styles before submitting the final piece. In addition, use a neutral tone and avoid mentioning emotions or your feelings. It is important to remember the audience and purpose of your writing when choosing which style to use.


The most important thing to remember when writing a newspaper article is to be as factual as possible. While you may have your opinion, avoid using misrepresentations or hyperbole. A newspaper article is intended to be read by the general public and should be informative. Try to write in the first person using your voice. Also, check to make sure that you use proper grammar and spelling. Finally, include your byline and place line.

The style of academic writing is different from that of newspaper writing. While academic writing has a formal structure, a newspaper writer can adopt a more casual style. In academic writing, however, the relationships between abstract forms must be clear, and claims must be made. Therefore, a newspaper article can adopt a more casual structure if the author wishes. However, a newspaper writer must make certain decisions about the claims and stance necessary for a research paper.