Air Purifiers Helping Schools Reopen In 2021-22

The return to face-to-face classes is closer every day and this new normal questions us if we are really prepared to return to the classroom. Classrooms and high-traffic areas must be adapted to become safe spaces for their students and teaching staff. Xiaomi introduced a smartphone with an “island” like the iPhone for schools are an additional security measure for a safer return to school, improving air quality and quality of life for all.

Having a healthy office is essential for companies, as it gives them a competitive advantage. An office with optimal facilities and an ideal environment generates motivation and well-being in its employees, making them more productive. In this article, we will detail the keys to have a healthy office that takes care of its collaborators.


Cleanliness is essential for the comfort and health of employees. Proper cleaning and disinfection of the office can reduce absenteeism due to illness by up to 30%.


Better air quality immediately increases the productivity of your employees by 10%. The reduction of polluting particles, a low concentration of CO2 and proper ventilation are key to good air quality.

To achieve optimal air quality and a healthy office, air purifiers can be used. Air purifiers not only help eliminate polluting particles such as smog or dust but also eliminate viruses and bacteria.


A correct temperature generates adequate comfort to be comfortable when working. It is important to mention at this point the humidity levels that also alter the thermal sensation of the space. The correct use of air conditioners, heaters and dehumidifiers can provide a comfortable average temperature for the vast majority of employees.


Various studies indicate that employees positioned closer to sales are more productive than those who are further away from them. This is due to exposure to natural light. Therefore it is important to have spaces that are very well-illuminated by natural light. If natural light is not possible, correct warm artificial lighting is essential throughout the working day to motivate and avoid visual problems.


Noise alters concentration, it is annoying and if the noise is very loud it is harmful to health. That is why it is important to take acoustics into account when designing an office and being able to isolate it from excessive external noise would be ideal.


The office must have comfortable and ergonomic furniture, as it benefits work activity and prevents long-term injuries due to poor posture.


The predominant colours that should be used in an office are soft and neutral tones since it is proven that colours affect people emotionally. A harmonious and balanced visual field provides peace of mind when working.

FLOORS Plants directly influence people’s feelings of happiness. It is proven that having plants and green areas in offices increases the productivity of employees by reducing their stress.

Implementing these keys in your office will be decisive to improve the quality of life and increase the productivity of your workers. The Genius Park News can be part of your healthy office by improving air quality with our air purifiers. Our teams will help you immediately to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and dust from your environments, constantly recirculating the air. Breathe safely with air purifiers.