What is Subh Muhurat and Why it is Important in Astrology

Astrology has a term for auspicious or inauspicious times, which is called “muhurat”. A muhurat is a time when the chances of success are highest. It will bring you the best outcome according to your destiny if the task is done in the right Muhurtha. It is therefore important to think about muhurat before you start an activity.

Different muhurats are appropriate for different types of work, just as we use different medicines for different diseases. Although muhurats were used in ancient Vedic times to perform yajnas, there is a growing demand for muhurats today. If a person believes in the goodness and utility of muhurat, he will always evaluate the muhurat of the activity before he performs it.

Muhurat can be very helpful for those who do not have a dosha or a birth chart. These people are able to succeed in their tasks because they have carried out the task in an auspicious muhurat.

The beginning of a new chapter is often marked by marriage. Muhurat is a significant part of marriage because it predicts the date and time of marriage to ensure maximum compatibility and good fortune.

Parts of Muhurat

Your Astrology by date of birth states that when judging a muhurat, it is important to take into account the combination of a weekday with Ascendant or nakshatra. Muhurat of placid and auspicious nakshatra is suitable for completing a good job.

Purification of the Ascendant is required in order to obtain desired muhurat. When judging muhurat, it is important to pay attention to the status and rights of Ascendants. If his navamsha happens to be auspicious, a person will receive double benefits.

A good muhurat is achieved by noticing that the person’s kundli doesn’t have any planets in the eighth house, and that the Ascendant has an auspicious planet. If this is not possible, then the Trikha or Kendra houses will be blessed with an auspicious planet. Or you can place a malefic planet in these houses.

When judging the best muhurat, it is important that the Ascendant not be placed with the Moon. The Ascendant must not be in the second house of the Moon, and the twelfth should have no malefic planet.

Muhurat: Some precautions

To reap the benefits of muhurat, there are certain precautions that should be taken.

  • Rikta Tithi is not a good place to start new business. Also, new moon days are considered unlucky for holy or beneficial works. It is not a good idea to make agreements on Sundays, Tuesdays, or Saturdays.
  • A new project should not start in the Nanda Tithi or during pratipada’s sixth and eleventh lunar days.
  • Three days prior to and after a rising planet combusts, new business plans should not been finalized. If the lord or birth sign and the birth nakshatra are combustible, debilitated, or fall between enemy planets, then you should not execute professional and personal details of your life. Muhurat requires that you avoid khshay-tithi.
  • A person shouldn’t start a new task within the fourth, eighth, or twelfth signs of a Moon sign from his birth sign to avoid failure. Devshayan (when Gods sleep) should not be used to prevent a child from being admitted to school.
  • Muhurat says it is extremely inauspicious that you lend money on Wednesdays or borrow money on Tuesdays. It is important to ensure that the Moon does not reside in your Ghaat sign when purchasing a vehicle.

According to Indian Astrology, Muhurat can be considered a good time to start or complete a task, marriage, etc . Astrology says that if you start something in an auspicious Muhurat, all obstacles are removed and it goes smoothly. You can get your complete kundali matching report here by own. It is very important process that is calculated any analysed before fixing date and deciding muhurat for marriage. 

Based on Muhurat panchang, Auspicious and inauspicious Muhurat can be determined.

Muhurat Sanskar

In Indian tradition, Shodash Sanskar has detailed explanations of Muhurat Shastra. According to Indian tradition, Muhurat are based upon Tithi, Var and Nakshatra. Different tasks are carried out besides Sanskar etc.

Auspicious Muhurat

Like blessings, auspicious Muhurat is like blessings. Month, date, nakshatra, yoga etc. These are very important in marriages, mundan, and pregnancy. The body is defined as date, the mind is Moon, and Yoga, Nakshatra, etc. are considered body parts. Ascendant can be described as the soul. It is easy to see how important Muhurat in astrology. Muhurat Shastra has many auspicious Muhurat. For example, Sarvarth Siddhi Yoga, Siddhi Yoga, Amrit Siddhi Yoga, Raj Yoga, Ravi Pushya Yoga, Guru Pushya Yoga, Dwi Tri Pushkar Yoga, Pushkar Yoga and Ravi Yoga.

Important Factors Related to Muhurat

Muhurat is important to remember. Important dates should be included in Muhurat. You should not start a new task or complete Mangalik tasks in Amawasya. When a planet is exchanging signs with another, you should not start any new tasks or make any plans.

A planet that is weak or retrograde or between enemies planets should not be used as a starting point for a new task.

Relationship between Kundali & Muhurat

Janma Kundali is an important factor in determining auspicious Muhurat. The time of a person’s birth cannot be changed. He can, however, carry out many tasks in auspicious Muhurat to achieve success and obtain auspicious results. Indian Astrologer says that to avoid inauspicious doshas in Kundalis, one should choose auspicious Muhurat according the auspicious dasha or transits in Kundali.