Is cheap window hosting a competitive advantage for a company?

Cheap window hosting  – When you are in the market to avail of web-hosting services, there are things to decide with the options. One of them is to decide on the operating system for hosting.

The operating system impacts many applications and software that can run with server support. There are two Operating systems available in the market that is Linux operating system and Windows operating system.

Linux is the most used operating system and the current trend is shifting towards the windows operating system. Here you will find the complete outlook of this growing trend.

What are windows hosting and how it works?

Windows hosting refers to website hosting that uses the windows operating system (OS). Two web hosting operating systems are Linus and windows system.

Usually, most web hosting companies provide services through Linux as window web hosting is an innovative technology.

Currently, very few web hosting agencies offer windows hosting plans. Although it has pros and cons, it delivers some unique benefits for the business. Similarly, a group of website owners prefers window hosting.

Why or why not Windows hosting?

The Windows operating system is familiar to users and easy to use. Over 400 million or above is the current user base for the present OS version.

Moreover, Due to access to the Plesk control panel, website owners prefers windows hosting for web hosting services. In Linux, access is difficult due to the use of cPanel.

Similarly, if your business depends upon other windows tools e.g., For ASP.NET-based websites, it is better to choose Window hosting.

Window shared hosting is less secure than Linux as of the recently recorded ransomware attacks. For business, security is always a serious concern. Especially, sensitive financial information is at risk when using window hosting.

Linux beats window web hosting for security though window hosting providers can make it secure with available innovative technologies.

Windows is less reliable due to the troublesome handling number of tasks and apps without interruption. But windows servers have improved and can provide reliable hosting services.

Most importantly, Due to the windows license fee, windows hosting is more costly than free and open-source Linux servers due to a Windows License fee. So, cheap window hosting is another desire as of other benefits for business owners.

Is cost everything when it comes to Web Hosting?

Most business websites based on windows prefer Windows hosting because it provides a good user experience.

It is well-suited to all windows-based programs and software: ASP classic, ASP.Net, MSSQL, MS Access, Remote Desktop, Visual Basic Development, C#, etc. It is also compatible with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange.

While talking about business, cost-effectiveness is a core topic whether it is services, marketing, or manufacturing. Initially, Windows hosting was not a cost-effective solution for many websites, but now web-hosting companies are providing cheap Windows hosting plans.

For example, NAVICOSOFT is one of the best windows hosting providers with its extraordinary services and cheap windows server hosting.

It also provides Windows web hosting in the USA, United Kingdom, and Pakistan. It allows the customer windows shared hosting through the choice of server, IIS (Internet Information System) Remote Manager, URL re-writing module, etc.

How cost is a competitive advantage?

Web hosting companies strive to provide cheap Windows hosting services due to their easy-to-use quality but the cost is resistant. Increasing trend of preferring Windows hosting, window hosting providers are seeking ways to reduce its cost.

The competition for providing cheap windows hosting plans is maturing. Web hosting companies are adopting innovative technological solutions for making Windows hosting a complete business solution.

Referable to the expanding business sector, valuable windows authorization is expensive. Nonetheless, numerous agencies offer an affordable option for window server hosting for $4 only.

For Example, NAVICOSOFT provides the best cheap windows server hosting as it is an authorized partner of Plesk.

It provides security tools, an SSL certificate manager, Integrated Word Press Toolkit, the Latest Plesk control panel, Microsoft Web Matrix, and Microsoft Office Access.

What other advantages does cheap Window hosting offer?

Facilitating cheap window hosting incorporates the Plesk cPanel. On this panel, you might get straightforward choices so your website enabling will not be troublesome anymore.

Refreshing the alteration and augmentation of your website will be easy to do precisely.

It is more viable as you do not need adaptation to utilize this service. The main attributes of your choice will be accessible to use.

Window hosting providers now 24/7 security and customer support with window shared hosting.

The user interface of Windows server hosting is easy-to-use, which emphasizes your business websites make supervision end-point a waft.

Besides, it provides reliable and widely applied data perceiving frameworks like Joomla, Weebly, or WordPress. Each of Microsoft’s directions proposes the completion of each other.

Cheap Window server hosting doesn’t allow the instability anymore. It is available with stable servers to give the best window hosting services.


Complementing today’s requirements, windows hosting services are associated with cheap Windows hosting with quality, security, reliability, and best customer support.

Understanding the customer’s desire, NAVICOSOFT has discovered innovative technologies and expert IT labor to equip the website hosting with an excellent user experience.

For its incredible features, it is the preeminent window hosting provider with the most affordable plan across the world.