How to Use Live Chat software to Grow Your Business – Click2Magic

Live chat software is a fast, efficient, and convenient way to communicate with website visitors, identify prospects, transform them into customers, and assist/support customers throughout their buying journey.

It is undeniable that there would be no business that doesn’t leverage the benefits offered by the live chat app. And there are hell lot of live chat service providers who put you in a dilemma on which is the best live chat software that helps your business grow.

We recommend you opt for Click2magic, a free live chat app equipped with enterprise-grade features. It is a powerful all-in-one live chat software for sales, support, and marketplaces. It is designed to offer proactive support, improve a loyal customer base, boost sales, and grow revenue.

Before head start, let’s also have a glance at its features.

The features of this live chat software include live chat, Canned responses, Widget customization, Chat History, Agent monitoring, Location and browser information, Rating and Tagging, CRM integrations, Notes, User typing, Search filters, Categories, Auto transfer, and other features which comes as add-ons.

How does click2magic help your business grow – A quick walk-through!

Here we go!

I. It reduces cart abandonment rates!

According to Baymard Statistics, the average cart abandonment rate is 69.99%. This is due to operational issues, technical issues, improper guidance, and lack of assistance.

Prominent placement of the Click2magic live chat button inside the shopping cart is the best way to reduce the cart abandonment rate. Its proactive chat feature helps you reach out to your customers who need your assistance in their purchase decision and/or are facing any technical issues while they are shopping for your products or purchasing services.

II. It improves your online sales!

While there are several customer support tools available out there, live chat support software is the one that can help you interact with your website visitors and customers in real time.

This online live chat helps businesses acquire new customers through the website alone. It also lets them engage website visitors through proactive chat and helps customers in making the right buying decision.

Make yourself available via live chat to answer your customers’ queries immediately and assist in everything throughout their walk through your website or mobile app. It helps you in engaging them and transform them into your customers thus improving sales. Furthermore, it can work with your favourite tools such as CRM with which you can automate sales.

III. It improves CX!.

Availing Live chat support service is the ultimate thing to do to grow your business. The more you satisfy customers, the more your business grows. Quickly solve customer issues, respond to their queries in an efficient manner and on time, and provide multiple channels that help them to reach you. Customer support software like Click2magic makes this possible through its top-notch features.

IV. Finally!. It’s Your Business Analyst!

A live chat app is like a compass that guides you through your business and its performance. You can track and monitor everything in real time.

Surprised?. But it is true.

Click2magic’s agent monitoring feature helps you monitor your live chat agents and track their performance.

Real-time analytics of this support chat for the website provides in-depth insights into chat history, browser information, visitor demographics, lead status, etc.

Businesses can track the page that the visitor or customer is browsing currently.

All this information and insights let businesses know their strengths and weaknesses which helps them to make more informed decisions on the areas where it needs improvement in order to improve brand credibility and grow business.

These are to mention a few. If you start using this tool for your business, you can realize its actual potential of it for business growth. And all the aforementioned potential benefits of availing of Click2magic’s features are what made Click2magic a super live chat.


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