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Abortion Pills Available In UAE And Expectation After An Abortion

An abortion is a common experience. It is estimated that around 3 out of 10 pregnancies worldwide end in abortion. In the United States, the ratio varies, from about 1 in 4 to as high as 2 in 5 depending on the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy, including unwanted pregnancies.


It is useful to know what happens before and during an Abortion. When you take Abortion Pills Available In UAE, the tracking can help you keep track of yourself and your healthcare provider, and give you a sense of control over what may be an unfamiliar but routine experience.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Before the abortion, you may not have your period or have pregnancy symptoms.

If your period tends to be somewhat predictable, you may suspect pregnancy once your period doesn’t come on time.

What happens during an abortion occur due to Medication

A medical abortion is the end of pregnancy using Abortion Pills Available In UAE. There are two options for medical abortion. One uses mifepristone and misoprostol, and the other uses misoprostol alone. Anyway, this type of abortion can be performed from the beginning of pregnancy, usually between the 10th and 12th week of pregnancy, and sometimes after.

The first pill

In most cases, the first medication you take is a drug called mifepristone, which stops the hormone progesterone from continuing to support pregnancy. 

The second Pill

At home you take a medicine called misoprostol. Misoprostol can be taken 6 to 72 hours after taking mifepristone, but the timing and route recommended by your healthcare professional may vary depending on local laws and your treatment history.

Misoprostol causes uterine contractions/spasms, which softens the cervix and pushes the lining and contents out.


The level of cramping, pain and bleeding can be severe and can vary depending on when you are pregnant. Take anti-nausea medication about 30 minutes before taking misoprostol and pain medication about 30 minutes before or during the abortion process (ibuprofen). Do not take aspirin or painkillers which can increase bleeding.

When Medical Abortion Is Safe

Medical abortion in early pregnancy is very safe and effective. More than 95 out of 100 people who have a medical abortion do not need further treatment. In rare cases where the Abortion Pills Available in UAE does not work perfectly, another pill or a surgical abortion is used as a follow-up. More serious complications are very rare, less than 0.4 per 100 cases.

Advantages of a medical abortion:

Depending on where you live, medical abortion may be available as soon as you know you are pregnant.

Patient can avoid injections and anesthesia, and you can have some control when taking the second pill.

You choose to be at home (or wherever you feel most comfortable) and have the flexibility to shape your space in the way that best suits your needs.

Woman can be with someone or you can be alone

If it makes sense to you, you have more time and space to process the experience

Risks of a medical abortion:

Abortion takes one to two days

Bleeding and cramping can be severe/painful and may last longer than a procedural abortion

Some people may wonder if their symptoms are typical because it’s easy to feel stressed at home.

Depending on location, medical abortion is generally not as available later in pregnancy as other methods.

Feelings during an abortion

The decision to have an abortion can be easy or difficult. For some it is a very stressful time, for others it is a simple time. Each person’s situation is different. Miscarriages occur in both unwanted and wanted pregnancies for a number of reasons. Talking about your decisions and experiences with a friend, family member, or partner can be beneficial for some people, and for others it can lead to more stress.

People Thoughts on Abortion

A large study in the research institute examined whether people think the decision to have an abortion is the right one for them three years after having an abortion, with Abortion Pills Available in UAE.  About 99 out of 100 felt they made the right decision at various times during the three years following their miscarriage. Subjects reported feeling both positive and negative emotions, such as satisfaction at having had an abortion

Social Stigma

Social stigma and lack of social support can contribute to negative feelings. A recent study found that people who were denied unwanted abortions were more likely to suffer from poverty, domestic violence and health problems. Those who were able to have an abortion had less financial stress, were able to raise their children in a more stable environment, and were more willing to have more children in the future.