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List of Top 20 Universities in USA for Pursuing Masters Degree

Universities for Masters in the USA

The greatest higher education system in the world is located in the United States, which is also the most well-known foreign educational institution in the world. How, though, are its graduate institutions? Let’s check the list of top 20 universities in USA for pursuing masters degree.

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The Best Option in American Postgraduate Education

You will receive a wide range of responses if you question consultants about studying in the USA.

The world rankings are dominated by the top American universities. Additionally, they perform admirably in league-specific schedules, when graduate students’ (or “graduate students'”) scores are more significant.

Study in USA

The three most significant tables of the international league are summarized on this page along with the overall rankings of US colleges. According to the study in USA consultants, we have also included a list of some of the top national rankings for American universities. You can also look at our guide to the prestigious Ivy League schools.

Study in USA at American Universities

According to the rankings of colleges around the world, the following table lists the top 20 institutions in the United States.

20 Best Universities in the USA

The most recent ranking tables created and released by the Times Higher Education, QS World Ranking, and Academic Ranking of World Universities are the foundation for this data (ARWU). See our guide for additional details on using international rankings as a graduate student.

Universities for Study Masters in USA

Top 20 American Universities in 2022
University THE 2022 QS 2022 ARWU 2021
California Institute of Technology 2 6 0
Harvard University 2 5 1
Stanford University 4 3 2
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5 1 4
Princeton University 7 20 6
University of California, Berkley 8 32 5
Yale University 9 14 11
University of Chicago 10 10 10
Columbia University 11 19 8
Johns Hopkins University 13 25 16
University of Pennsylvania 13 16 15
University of California, Los Angeles 15 40 14
Cornell University 22 21 12
Duke University 23 52 32
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 24 23 26
Northwestern University 24 30 34
New York University 26 42 27
Carnegie Mellon University 28 53 97
University of Washington 29 85 19
University of California, San Diego 34 48 18

How credible are American universities, then, for a master’s degree?

All three of the worldwide university rankings are dominated by American universities, and two of the three rankings place American schools first. Naturally, this enhances the United States’ reputation as a centre for higher international education. But to what extent is master’s-level study appropriate?

Some of the elements that are significant to graduate students are taken into account in global rankings. The caliber of top-tier programmes can be impacted by a university’s reputation for producing high-quality (and quantity) research, the caliber of its academics, and its capacity to draw outside money.

However, global rankings take these elements into account all at once. This could mask areas of expertise or experience that are crucial to the organization and the foundation of its master’s programmes.

Domestic University Rankings in the USA

There are many domestic rankings that just cover USA universities, as one could anticipate from one of the biggest higher education systems in the world. It is largely generated by American media outlets and other comparable businesses.

Domestic rankings pit American universities against one another rather than comparing them to other universities around the world. This can be helpful if your search is restricted to the US, but it is less helpful if you are still weighing your alternatives for postgraduate study overseas.

Precise Rankings of USA Institutions

The precise rankings of USA institutions are not summarized here, although some noteworthy instances include:

One of the most significant sources of rankings for American universities in the US News & World Report, which provides rankings in a wide range of academic and other areas. Their Best Schools rankings take into account postgraduate qualification providers (often known as “graduate students”) in twelve major categories.

US News & World Report competition can be found in the National University Rankings of Washington. Although it does not provide a specific ranking of postgraduate institutions, it’s primary ranking closely assesses each university’s research output. As a result, it might be better suited for degree programmes like masters and doctoral degrees. The most recent rating is displayed here.

Sources you will get for USA Universities

Forbes magazine publishes a list of the top American universities (an influential American business publication). Student-centered metrics including satisfaction, academic success, and graduation rate are the main focus of this rating. Even though they are not specifically for postgraduate study, these can be helpful in determining how effectively a university is instructing its students. The most recent rating is displayed here.

The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education Rankings College is a more recent league table that prioritizes the ranking of American institutions and lists student responses to its yearly survey as one of its primary metrics.