Top 12 Roblox RolePlay Games

Designers create a wide variety of many types of games like roleplay games almost every day. Only a small percentage of these are famous for their unique concepts. Roblox is a community that is very close to both creators and players. 

Top 12 Roblox RolePlay Games

These are the top Roblox Roleplay Games:

  1. Theme Park Tycoon 2
  2. The Neighbourhood of Robloxia
  3. RPG Simulator
  4. Horse World
  5. Roblox High School
  6. Roblox Runway Model
  7. Eerie Pizzeria Roleplay
  8. Anime High School (Slice of Life)
  9. Dragon’s Life
  10. Feather Family
  11. Electric State DarkRP
  12. Town Life Roleplay

Theme Park Tycoon 2

This game might be familiar to users who have played Rollercoaster Tycoons or Planet coasters. It is similar to the other games but more enjoyable. Theme Park Tycoon 2 – A strategy and roleplaying game where you have to develop your theme park to attract more visitors and make it a success.

The Neighbourhood of Robloxia

The Neighbourhood in Robloxia is a stunning game that offers a unique user experience to all its players. It is built around a roleplay server that allows users to navigate Robloxias and interact with others. You can choose your own job title such as Doctor, Teacher, etc.

RPG Simulator

Astral Studios created RPG Simulator, a multiplayer game where you can battle monsters and improve your character. You can equip yourself with weapons or even a pet.

You can explore so many worlds, each with so much to offer that you will never tire of this well-known RPG.

Horse World

Horses are amazing animals and this is why Roblox has chosen to make it one of the most popular Roblox RPGs. It is completely free and takes place in a horse-ruled realm, which might sound strange at first but it is truly amazing. This is the perfect setting to channel your inner horsewoman.

You can choose to ride any horse you like or begin the journey with your Roblox avatar. You can help your fellow horses instead of allowing humans to control them by herding them one by one.

Roblox High School

This game allows users to assume the role of a high-school character. The character can be played by anyone, including the principal and pupils. The eight-team game includes the principal, teachers/staff and freshmen, sophomores juniors seniors cheerleaders, and athletes. Players travel the world and make money to buy real estate.

Roblox Runway Model

Roblox Runway Model DizzyPurple is a fashion game. The game’s goal is to create an outfit that fits a specific category and have three judges choose the best.

The game randomly selects three players to be judges at the beginning of each session. The participants choose models from the group. Participants are required to choose from a random category and build their own attire.

Eerie Pizzeria Roleplay

Eerie Pizzeria Roleplay has been visited by over 5,000,000 people (previously Five Nights At Freddy’s RPG). The game’s locations and personalities are based on the indie games “Five Nights At Freddy’s 2” and “Five Nights At Freddy’s 3”.

Anime High School (Slice of Life)

Based on my experience, it’s very well-designed and has hundreds of role players. You can create your own scenario with friends or meet people who share your interests.

You might even consider joining one of the clubs. I think it’s a great place to roleplay. Although it’s well-known enough not to be judged by professionals when you’re learning how to roleplay but not enough to make it popular enough for noobs and online daters to even try, it’s still a great place to play.

Dragon’s life

Shyfoox Studios developed Dragon’s Life, a roleplaying game. The game lets players play the role of a dragon, which can be modified to suit their needs. They also explore terrain that offers a wide range of different settings.

The roles of the players can be as diverse as an egg, baby, adolescent, or adult. Players can create their own stories, adopt a baby, start a family, pack, and do a variety of other activities. You can give your dragon any name you want and include a description about it in the box.

Feather Family

ShinyGriffin developed the Roblox game Feather Familie. You can play as a bird in this role-playing game. You can modify all birds in three ways: color (which allows you to color certain parts of the bird), texture(the texture of your body), and effects (which allow you to adjust the particles that come from the bird). ).

Electric State DarkRP

The game is currently in beta form and being developed. Members of Electric State DarkRP may use their Roblox accounts for various game passes. It’s basically a Roblox game that allows you to roam free, based on Simon Stalenhag’s novel “The Electric State.”

Town Life Roleplay

The game is based on real roleplaying in Philson County. Players can interact with others, buy weapons, and own homes. They also have the option to possess various vehicles, from motorcycles to airplanes. It has been played over 692,777 and over 14,556 times.

The setting is the fictional United States County of Philson County. It’s a flat island in the midst of the ocean. The county also has a town called Philson. The town has a variety of houses that players may own. These include single-family homes, flats, trailers, and castles.


You can now choose the game that interests you. These are some of the most enjoyable and fun roleplaying games you can play.