Planning the Perfect Group Road Trip to Florida

Three is a crowd! But not on a road trip. A group road trip is a fun way of visiting places with friends, colleagues, or just people you share similar interests in traveling. It can be successful and memorable or disastrous depending on the planning. You want to rent a car and hit the road as a group and go to Florida to soak in the sun and just calm your nerves. Below are tips you can use to make your trip successful.

Decide on a car for the road trip

The decision on the type of car will depend on how many people are going on the road trip. More people will need a bigger car or even a second car. Make the determination and check with car rental companies from which you can rent a car in Florida to make price comparisons and settle for one you find suitable.

There are many companies offering normal car and luxury car rental in Ft. Lauderdale, Daytona, Orlando, and Tampa.Know the location that suits you and get in contact with the rental company to book your car. Always make your booking in advance.

Determine the start and end points

Determining the start and end points helps in many ways including deciding on the pick-up and drop-off points for the rental car. It also helps you map out the route you will take, the places you will make stops, and the place you will sleep among others.

Find attractions you will want to visit along the route

After knowing and mapping your route. Identifying attractions and places of interest you may want to visit in Florida will be important. Some places need advance booking and knowing them before the start of the trip will be an advantage so that you make the advance bookings and save you from disappointments of being turned away. Agreeing on places to visit as a group can be challenging at times because everybody has different interests and likings. Consensus and compromise will go a long way in ensuring you all agree on a list of the places to visit together.

Know where you will stay

There are many choices when it comes to accommodation. Hostels, apartments, hotels, and motels all are wonderful places to stay. When in a group you will want to stay close together and not everybody scattered all over. The decision on accommodation should be done by the group and a suitable place found that will be to everyone’s liking. This is also a tough place to navigate as people have different preferences. Camping can be a good way to spend nights in areas where it is allowed.

There are USA cars for rent companies offering travel trailers you can rent for traveling and stay the night at trailer parks. This is however a decision the group will make.

Decide on each others role

Before the trip, the group has to decide on the leader, and all members are given roles to play in the trip. You can decide on who the co-drivers will be, to entertain the drivers and maybe even read maps. The DJ to entertain others with music, and the snack masters who will provide snacks or even suggest possible restaurants along the route. This in the end makes everybody part of the trip and brings order.

Get to know each other

If you haven’t met before as a group, getting to know each other before the trip is essential. You will want to know the people you will be traveling with to know who is a great fit for you and the group and who is not. Because you will be spending a lot of time together during the trip, it’s important to have people who get along.

Calculate the cost

Before starting the trip, you have to calculate the total costs of the whole trip. This is from car rental and accommodation to all the other fees including for the places you will be visiting. This is for coming up with the budget so that every member of the group knows how much the contribution is. After knowing the total cost, you can either upscale it by including other activities if the members agree or reduce it to fit everyone’s budget.


Planning the perfect group road trip is not easy. Different personalities have different opinions and preferences. However, consensus and compromise will go a long way to ensure the overall success of the trip. For example, when choosing where the pick-up of your car rental will be some will prefer to choose a Tampa-based car rental company because it is near to their location, others a Fort Lauderdale car rental company. What will make the trip successful will be consensus, even in accommodation. Apply the tips given below and go have a wonderful time in Florida.