Essential Guide to Make Elearning Platforms Better

Remember the times when we used to scrub our slate to write or the times when we had quills and ink bottles to help us in our writing? How about the times when we used to hold thousands of scrolls in our hands so that we know everything? Times have changed so has education too. Everything has become far more technologically advanced than the other.

You may feel like this is what progress looks like, and everyone would agree with you. Now we don’t even have to write anymore, as we have computer software that can type what we want by just stating it. We also have millions of thousands of pieces of information combined in a single chip which won’t be bigger than the size of a pea but would hold the key to a complete library. Although all this has advanced so much, we are yet far behind.

You see, there is a mention of computer-assisted writing here, but one thing you would realize is that you can’t imagine this happening in the actual classrooms. Handwriting is still prevalent in the complete virtual classroom platform, and we feel that we need to teach the value of books and pens in them before giving them access to technology.

Why now?

Since the world was sabotaged by the virus, everything was shut down, and there wasn’t any type of relief given in the education sector too. The pandemic brought us to our knees, and we still don’t know when we can completely stand up. There are a number of things that are possible when it comes to education working during the pandemic, and that’s where the drama for Zoom classes and Google classrooms started.

Aspects to ponder upon

As we talk about the best online course platform, we see that there were many who would have overcome everything, such as Skype, but nothing worked against the almighty power of Zoom. The app flourished and was helped by many teachers to become an online E-learning platform for their kids as many found this app to be safe and easy to use. However, if you talk to kids who want to learn and not just backbenchers, you might realize that the amazing learning platforms online not only dull the kid but also takes away their thinking process.

How to overcome the same?

But of course, with the means available to us, we can improve. As mentioned above, it is strange that the technology that we use to make claims about how powerful technology would be, and yet in even the top learning platforms online, we see that students don’t understand most of the portion being taught.

There are many ways where we can make the best education platforms more enjoyable and more memorable for students. These ways would destroy the old orthodox methods, but still, they aren’t being used. Ensure that you teach the value of learning first to your kids rather than shouting at them to turn their videos and mics on.