Top 10 Academic Apps for Students

Drop that smartphone now, and pay attention to your books! Haven’t you heard the same from your parents? Well, it is nearly impossible not to hear these words from your parents at least once in your household. Nowadays, smartphones are not just smart in the entertainment field; they now cater to a vast area of education and information, making the planet’s students smart too. This is, in fact, an era of technology; you can witness its touch everywhere. And technology is excellent, but it becomes even better when it can assist you in becoming a successful student.

Many years ago, smartphones were famously known as distraction gadgets for students. Moreover, parents and teachers take every possible effort to keep the students out of the alluring effect of mobile phones. However, with the advent of the pandemic and the affordable availability of the internet, different educational apps have turned smartphones into virtual classrooms. Further, you can now dredge up many useful educational apps on smartphones that help students to focus on their studies rather than distracting them.

Additionally, these impressive educational apps make the learning process more reciprocal; therefore, students love their classes and thus further encourage them to gather information and, thus, becomes Assignment Helper.

Top 10 Academic Apps for Students

This article has searched deeply and compiled the top 10 academic apps available for students. Let’s dive into the article and know about all of them.

  1. Google Classroom

Students are given assignments and homework daily, and they need to submit them regularly as well. Because teachers further evaluate their progress and grade them accordingly as soon as possible. However, although this sounds simple, it is a difficult task considering the modern-day student-teacher ratio. Google Classroom helps eminently in these cases; as the name refers, it acts as a virtual classroom for students and teachers.

  1. Save-All

Save-All is an app that helps students harken back on everything they have studied more efficiently. Basically, it provides a way for the students to memorise what they have learnt. It is the best platform that equips the students with all the elements to revise each question effectively. Additionally, various options are accessible to the students to grasp the question and the answer.

  1. edX

Have you ever dreamt of studying at the most popular universities like Harvard, MIT or Stanford? However, everybody knows what struggle it needs to get admission to those top-ranked universities. Well, do not worry anymore because edX helps you complete your dreams with a smartphone in your hand and good internet. Moreover, you can learn anything and everything from this educational online app; it even gives you the  assignment help you require.

  1. Sololearn

Do you know learning programming and coding can never go wrong? There will always be hiking demands for software developers and programmers in the digital and online world. And if you want to become a master of programming and computing coding, Sololearn can help you pursue that. Infact, tutorials about the latest technologies and armatures with reciprocal elements are bounteous on Sololearn.

  1. Photomath

Another best educational app that can definitely act to be the best Online Assignment Helper for students is Photomath. There will hardly be a student that does not get puzzled after getting a math problem. Moreover, it is really useful; you need to click on the picture of the question, and then the app will assess the image and make you understand the process of solving it. Awesome, right?

  1. Remind

Everyone knows what great impact group studies create on the student’s studies. But, during Covid, it becomes nearly impossible. However, Remind app has a feature that facilitates the parents, teachers and students together.

  1. Duolingo

When you talk about the 10 best academic apps, Duolingo must have been named. Duolingo helps you learn many languages, from English to Latin and Chinese and more.

  1. Udemy

Udemy is a renowned academic app for students because it incorporates video tutorials and instructions. From business and technology to Yoga, you can get a video in every niche at Udemy.

  1. Edmodo

Edmodo is a social media platform that interlinks parents, teachers and students. Students can share their homework and assignments and obtain the information on their school’s notice board.

  1. Quizlet

This app has different learning processes like flashcards, direct learning, writing, etc. Each of the learning modes highly caters to your learning style.


To wind up, academic apps help students to get more engaged in their studies and make their learning process more interactive and fun. Besides the subscription-demanding apps, many free apps provide great Assignment Help to students. Moreover, these academic apps provide great facilities and explore the world in front of the students.