10 Beautiful Outside Wall Color Combination Meant For Indian House

Outside Wall Color

When we think about home painting, it is believed that the interior wall painting and the furniture are the ones that require meticulous planning. The Indian house color combination outside the home also demands plenty of research, time, and attention. With the array of color options, we have hand-picked some classic and timeless colors to meet the exterior house color needs.

1. Cream And White:

Traditional yet earthy, this classic outside home color duo is always in vogue. While white makes the house appear unaltered, the cream color breaks the monotony and adds a fresh hue to the appearance. This is a perfect duo where there are more trees or a busy street.

2. Monochromes:

Monochrome is an ongoing trend that helps to achieve uniformity on the walls of the house. By applying it right, it creates a beautiful Ombre effect on the outside house. If you choose one shade, for example, grey, you need not just paint the whole house with one color. Instead, choose different shades of grey to add to this effect. You can buy the exact shade you like by taking the name of the Asian paints colour combination with code.

3. Yellow, Beige, And White:

If you thought more than two color combinations will lead to cluttering, these three colors will prove you wrong. It is perfect for a home that has multiple pillars, roofs, trimmings, and layering. This combination helps to add character and liveliness to the structure giving perfect harmony to the eyes.

4. Peach And White:

A lovely color in itself, peach when paired with white creates an elegant hue for the homeowners. This color duo not just defines the structure of the home, it blends well with greenery along with cityscape and busy streets too. If you want to play more with the colors, try adding shades of peach along with white.

5. Blue And White:

Whether it is royal, indigo, or light blue and white, this attractive color combination for Indian houses is a voted favorite among all. Since it’s bright, warm, and calm, the home is bound to look grand and elegant. For someone who wants to take a break from brown and earthy colors, this is an attractive scheme for that appeal.

6. Red And Cream:

Red, a traditional color, also represents the deep roots of our culture. It is generally used on roofs, pipes, and brickworks. When combined with white, it forms a beautiful color combination for an outside home that enhances modernity while keeping the traditions intact. This duo can turn your conventional house into a modern villa.

7. Orange And Grey:

Orange is one of the few bright colors that go well with the exterior color paint. When paired with grey, it balances out the brightness of the color orange and gives an appealing and trendy appearance. It exudes energy and positivity and thus, it is a perfect combo when one wants to move away from continuing beige and whites.

8. Yellow And Cream:

Yellow is one of the colour that is always in due to its cultural fabric. When paired with cream, it promotes a beautiful combination for the Indian surroundings. It enhances the greenery, township, and outside structure pleasantly. Thus, this combination is ideal and a safe choice.

9. Grey And White:

If your taste is away from traditional and neutral colors, and you are looking for a combination that sparks elegance and simplicity, grey and white are the ones. This color combination is well suited for Indian home structures to construct them to appear minimalistic yet trendy.

10. Orange Brick Color And Grey:

Brick is one of the main items found in most Indian homes. While the brick color does all the talking, grey is used along with it to balance out the exterior painting color. All the frames and glasses used will amplify the house due to this color combination.

If you want your home to give an expensive house glance, use any of these color combinations in exteriors and help it stand out from the crowd.