The Six Best Packaging Illustration Ideas that are in Trend

Packaging illustration is a game changer for any business. It is more than just stuffing the product into the package. Not only does it grab the attention of the customers, but also tells a lovely story between the product and the brand.

Creating a striking, gorgeous, and functional package design is not a difficult job if you know what you are doing. All you need is inspiration and skill in illustrating to craft a packaging illustration for any product. The design should speak the message loud and clear, as cannot be there to tell by yourself.

In this blog, novice illustrators can learn about the ideas they can incorporate while designing packaging illustrations. Here are a few of them.’

Amazing Illustrations Ideas you can integrate into the Packages

1. Quirky Doodles are in Style:

Illustrations are a vibrant way to add character and flair to the brand identity. Because of this, businesses of all sizes are deciding to use a collection of catchy doodles for their package design. This brilliant marketing tactic is a blending of packaging design and illustrations that can attract many customers from different age groups.

Break out from the stuffy minimalism and adopt a new cast of cozy and pleasant doodle characters! With many businesses embracing this trend because of its inclusive and diverse aesthetic, you would not be the only one using this strategy. For instance, you can design an adorable puppy with its mom on the front of a pet food packet. Practice every day to get a grip on drawing the doodles.

2. Pinch of Abstractness and Beauty:

A packaging feature that both captivates and excites is created by abstract pictures. Additionally, abstractions are a great approach to complete compositions for many forms of packaging, including wrapping paper, boxes, bottles, etc. For example, you can give an abstract design to a can of alcohol to celebrate the diversity among humans.

The abstractions radiate cool, edgy, and dynamic energy. That makes it visually stimulating for the customers to buy the product. It is a great way to let your creativity run wild. However, do not throw all the colors on your canvas in the name of abstractness. There are certain design principles you need to follow to create an imaginative and creative abstract packaging illustration.

3. Remarkable and Artistic Typography:

In Packaging illustration, typography takes the main stage. Typography is the art of organising words and sentences such that they are clear, intelligible, and visually appealing to the reader. A constant typeface can aid in carrying out carry forward, developing a strong user following, and fostering consumer trust.

Bold fonts are just so much fun! There are several and incredibly creative methods to incorporate lettering in designs, as recent years have demonstrated to the design community.

For instance, you can create the brand name in Helvetica Bold Oblique font by scaling and sizing it effectively on the product which looks pleasing and charming to the consumers.

4. Make it Pop:

You want to stand out above all else. The last thing you want is for your product to get lost in a sea of competitors and ignored as hasty customers rush down the aisle. Your packaging must be noticeable on the shelves and stand out.

Take chances, be brave, and attract some focus. While you do not want to go crazy to the point of absurdity, you do want to deviate from the norm and highlight how unique your product is.

5. Inspire from the 90s Aesthetics:

The 90s was the era of surging pop culture that introduced people’s favorite Girl band Spice Girls to the comical series “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. You can add vibrant and pastel colors, dorky fonts, or Memphis style to give it an aesthetic 90s style.

You can add the essence of the 90s-style rave which is heavily inspired by surrealism, cyberpunk, house music, and psychedelic art. This gives a futuristic and reminiscent appearance to the product.

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6. Colour Psychology is a Thing:

A packaging design should influence the buyer, even if they do not have an intention of buying the product. Colors like yellow, pink, red, and green are generally used on the package to draw customers.

The colors are assigned with certain emotions or feelings such as blue is associated with stability, sadness, and tranquillity. It is believed that colors can increase brand recognition. For instance, if you are selling face masks, then go for soothing colors such as lavender or blue.

Concluding Thoughts

A strong package may steal the show and elevate your brand from average to extraordinary. This helps businesses to stay ahead in the competition. A long list of components, including color, shape, texture, unity, balance, and orientation, are all part of an outstanding design. If you want customers to act, you need to make a visually appealing design that inspires, engages and demands attention. It is achievable with the help of packaging Illustrations.
Happy Illustrating!