make life meaningful not just happiness

make life meaningful not just happiness

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“If the goal of living is not living to find happiness, then what are you living for?” I believe life meaningful that many Occ88 people have asked themselves this question. because most people are chasing happiness want to possess it But has anyone ever wondered what true happiness looks like? A Finnish proverb says, “True happiness is moderation, no more and no less.” Because everyone has infinite needs. We are often dissatisfied with what we have. For example, we need a newer car. I want to travel to beautiful places I want to do my dream job or want to start a business by ourselves

make life meaningful to things around

Every time we achieve our goals We always have new and challenging goals. However, what we need to keep in mind is, “There is nothing in this world that lasts forever. Nothing stays with us forever.” When we get what we want. We have to accept that happiness will only be with us for a certain period of time. and will be replaced by the desire to find happiness from the new.

Is the goal of life really only happiness?

However, life is not only the happiness we get from accomplishing something. It’s about doing something meaningful on the way to your goal. because no matter how much we cling to happiness and enjoyment of life It will eventually drop and leave us. Only good memories remain happiness in the heart that is giving It’s only about doing things that are useful to others and living a meaningful life.

meaningful living?

People who are happy and doing what they love It is considered a person who lives a meaningful life. Because I have spent time with what is important and valuable to myself. But how do we know that something is of value to us? And we are not wasting our time in vain. Today we have 3 main signs that we should not waste time doing what we do.