Monday, September 26


According to the dictionary, a hand sanitizer means a substitute for soap, made of alcohol which helps clean the hands and remove the infection-causing microbes. It is, thus, a weapon used against diseases for the triumph of health. By and large, hand sanitizers are alcohol based because alcohol effectively eliminates microorganisms, evaporates quickly, and is also affordable. Although alcohol-free sanitizers are also available, they are more expensive than the former. During the past few years, hand sanitizers have become an inseparable part of everyone’s life. One should always keep a hand sanitizer with him to fight against infections. However, why? Here are the benefits of best hand sanitizer for babies in India:-

  1. SANITIZATION- The physical contact that people mostly have is from hand to hand. This becomes a cause of infection spread. Sanitization implies surface cleaning and disinfecting, and a hand sanitizer does the same to our hands. A hand sanitizer assists in safeguarding us from infections that spread through contact.


  1. ALTERNATE TO HAND WASHING- Although washing hands is the most recommended way of cleaning hands, it is not always possible to carry and use soaps. Many times, we have soap but no water or vice versa. In such situations, a hand sanitizer acts as the hero. It can be easily carried and used. That is why sanitizer is always used before and after treating a patient in hospitals. It avoids the spread of infection from patient to staff and from staff to patient.


  1. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE- Hand sanitizers enjoy the benefit of portability. One can carry them easily in their bags, pouches, or pockets. They come in different sizes to be adaptable to everyone’s needs. They are helpful for all, from students to office workers, in all public places. A sanitizer should be used not only during Covid but always. It will safeguard from many germs, like stomach infections ones.


  1. CONVENIENT AND QUICK TO USE- Using a sanitizer doesn’t take much time. It comes in liquid, foam, and gel forms. Just take out the sanitizer, pour it on your hands, rub it, and you are done! No mess of searching soap and water. Also, a sanitizer can be shared with others as well. But you cannot share soap with others, it is not at all a healthy option. Germs accumulate on soap and thus, it is not safe to use someone’s soap.


  1. OTHER HEALTH BENEFITS- With the growing trend of sanitizers, companies have started offering many other benefits of a sanitizer. Many come with aloe Vera, glycerin, and vitamin e extracts which along with cleansing the hands, make the skin feel softer and fresher. Also, No Scars is a company that offers the best hand sanitizer for babies in India.


Inferable from these benefits, one should always keep a hand sanitizer handy with them to use whenever you feel that you have touched some unhealthy surface. It kills up to 99% of disease-causing germs and keeps you safe and healthy. No Scars Hand Sanitizer is one such best quality hand sanitizer in India.