Wednesday, September 28

Some Reasons Why You Lost Your Personal Injury Claim

If you think that fighting for your personal injury claim is as easy as it may seem, you are making the biggest mistake of your life. It is much more than blaming someone for injuries you received and telling your story. You will need to get into the hassle of explaining the matter with the help of supporting documents such as medical reports and bills. To fight a case, you need to contact the Toledo injury lawyer, who has the knack for dealing with such cases. Some of the reasons, why you may lose your compensation are elaborated on below:

You have not hired an attorney

One reason why you will lose your case to another party is that you have not hired a lawyer to fight for you. Insurance companies are known to trick their customers when it comes to paying compensation. They may start with the lowest offer or even refuse the claim altogether. If you have not hired a lawyer, you will accept the offer so that you can meet your financial needs. If the company refuses your claim, you may not ask them the reason. Even if you do, they will make some lame excuses.

Misrepresentation of the facts

If you have not presented your facts in a rightful manner, you will lose the case to another party. His attorney will also do his homework and tries to get the facts right. If this happens to you, it is likely that you will be punished for lying and misrepresenting the facts. Don’t try to hide or tell lies to the insurance company or the court.

Posting on social media

Even if you are on your road to recovery and spend some time on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you are likely to hurt your case if the attorney of another party or the insurance company checks your posts, photos, and comments. They may bring it up that you are doing just fine and wasting their time by filing a claim. Even if the case goes to court, these things can go against you. 

Lack of evidence

If you don’t have medical bills, reports, or supporting documents, you are unlikely to get the compensation. The case will stand dismissed because of the lack of evidence.

To avoid these things happening to you, it is suggested to hire a personal injury attorney right from the start.