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Kids vs. Online Games dominance of the cultural industry

Kids vs. Online Games dominance of the cultural industry

Kids vs. Online Games dominance of the cultural industry presented an overview of the thesis titled Kids vs. Online Games, at a glance, the cultural industry’s dominance over humans in terms of both work and leisure. It has caused humans to lose their creative individuality and the idea of resisting the domination of the cultural industry.

The growth of technology in industrial production This makes technology a key force in driving the economy. Even information and communication technology plays a role in human life Occ88 as well. especially in the field of work Those who are willing to learn and adapt to technology have a chance to succeed in their work. Therefore, technology has the meaning of dominating people in society to accept technology into their way of life. transforming humans into production units Working with no difference Technology dominance has spread to all sectors of society. Parents buy technology products like computers and the Internet for their children. And let your child learn more about computers in spite of that some parents are not very good at economic status

Kids vs. Online Game industry and the development of children in the modern era

One of the reasons that encourages children to play online games is friends. If all of the friends in the group play online games, but any child does not play, they will become alienated, socially unstable, and therefore have to adapt. play games with friends This clearly indicates the indirect coercion of children into the same consumption of online games. But with some limitations, children cannot play games at their own homes. Internet cafes have adapted to the trend of online games. and online gaming behavior of children who play for a long time by providing additional services such as selling food and beverages Or even have clothes for the children to change when the children come to play games early. Including the sale of money and items in online games. All of which allow children to spend more time playing online games.

However, when children have access to online games Children create their own identity through online game characters by choosing their gender, name, voice and hair color. Child character creation indicates the child’s connection to himself and his relationship with him.

in real life and then back into the characters in the online game Make children and characters in online games one and the same. What supports this idea is The development of children’s emotions and feelings in situations where the child interacts with other players.