Monday, March 27

What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

The effects of this past election proved all over again that the democrats had a golden possibility to capitalize on the issues of the trump presidency however, fell quick of a state extensive mandate. A mandate to capture the gauntlet of the progressive movement that senator sanders thru down a touch over four years ago. The opportunities have been there from the very starting even before this pandemic struck. Of their failing to educate the public of the outcomes of endured congressional gridlock, conservatism, and what national monetary reform’s ten articles of confederation would do brought about the outcomes which are playing out nowadays.. Extra congressional gridlock, extra conservatism and extra suffering of thousands and thousands of americans are the direct consequences of the democrats failure to speak and teach the general public.

Train the general public that a progressive time table is vital to tug america out of this pandemic, and restore this nations fitness and energy. It was the dnc’s reason on this election to best recognition at the trump administration. They didn’t hold close the urgency of the instances. Additionally they failed to communicate with the general public about the dire situations hundreds of thousands were and nevertheless are dealing with even before the pandemic. The billions of dollars funneled into campaign coffers must have been used to teach the voting public that creating a unified coalition would deliver sweeping reforms which might be so desperately wanted. The reality of what transpired in a year and a 1/2 of political campaigning the ones billions of greenbacks most effective created extra animosity and division polarizing one intense over every other.