Real facts of Andrea Chong fashion travel lifestyle blog

Andrea Chong is a plan and travel blogger. She is as of now partying hard in Seoul and as frequently as conceivable upgrades her Instagram. Her blog is stacked with self reflection on her developments and tips on the most capable technique to take the ideal selfie in Seoul. Inside the touring blog section, Andrea Chong records a piece of her main Seoul regions. Andrea Chong fashion travel lifestyle blog has an uncommon blogger.

Buk Chon Hanko town is maybe of Seoul’s most lovely region. Since this area is so stunning, tolerating it’s genuine is hard. All of the houses are impeccably stayed aware of and appear straight out of a dream. The town furthermore has shops, bistros, and bistros.

I value various pieces of my work, including journeying, taking photographs, and elucidating my perceptions. The most remarkable angle, in any case, is talking about my photos and accounts with perusers. A frequently presented request is how I started creating and cooperating in the style business. To sum up it, I’ve for quite a while expected to achieve something inventive that intricate travel.

In this way, I started composition for a blog and was selected by the style business last year. From there on out, I’ve been on a charming trip that has picked me to South Asia, Europe, and various spots I’d basically always expected to travel.

Andrea Chong Fashion Travel Lifestyle Blog – Major Highlights

• Blogger Andrea Chong is eminent for her Fashion and Travel Blogs.
• She is furthermore keeping up with her own business in Singapore for pretty much 20 years.
• She has in like manner propelled a lot of her fans to make their locales as a calling.
• Andrea Chong, who is in her mid-20s, at this point has a tremendous fan base for her Andrea Chong Fashion travel lifestyle blog.
• She also shows the meaning of insurance with her experience while journeying.
• Andrea Chong reveals her style, but she in like manner offers lifestyle and wellbeing help.
• She is so competent recorded as a printed copy.
• Through her blog, perusers can get an investigate her life as a working mother who sorts out some way to continue with a full past work.
• She similarly propels Pandora and H&M as a brand emissaries.
• Her site integrates classes like Beauty, Career, Self, Lifestyle, Trends, and Shop.

Real factors that should be know about Andrea Chong Fashion Travel Lifestyle Blog

1-She has a brain and greatness
Andrea is a Nanyang Technological University composing student and moreover a virtual diversion amazing powerhouse. She is, in any case, some different option from a perfect cerebrum. She is an approved lifeguard and scuba jumper with a dim belt in taekwondo. Extremely magnificent.
2-She is an “coincidental” style blogger.
Andrea framed for online diaries for several years, yet she wasn’t satisfied with how she was made to appear like a “kawaii” young woman. Starting her blog permitted her the potential chance to parade her more dazzling, edgier, and versatile side. She got the extra push she wanted when the creator of her Click Network program that F word asked her to develop her establishment.
3-She is a resolute person.
Plan and Travel are the major subjects of Andrea Chong Fashion Travel Lifestyle Blog. She truly locked in on her plan blog. She became prestigious when she worked with ClickNetwork’s that F word program. She furthermore highlighted herself on Pop Sugar and Buzzfeed.
4-She got speedy Instagram Followers
Andrea Chong started her trip as a blogger. She is so kind and humble to depict herself before the group. Her excitement for her work helped her with getting a speedy group. By and by, she has more than 300K aficionados on Instagram. More than 5400 endorsers on YouTube she has. Likewise, an immense number of traffic she has created on her blog.
I have made a lot of assessment on Andrea Chong’s biography and sorted out some way to get this information.
• She was raised in Singapore on March 25, 1992.
• She is Singaporean by personality.
• She moved to the US at 18 years of age.
• She continued on from the University of North California with a Literature degree.
• Resulting to returning to Singapore, She started her calling as a trained professional and a short time later transformed into an online diversion awe-inspiring phenomenon.
• She in like manner made web-based diaries for THE NEW PAPER.
• Andrea Chong was picked as a brand illustrative of Pandora and H&M due to her reputation through web-based diversion.
• Andrea Chong configuration travel lifestyle blog was made in 2013.
• In 2015, Andrea Chong got the “Plan Icon Of the Year” award.
• She is very kind, astute, and compelling like her buddy Tylor Swift.
• In 2007, she met Imran at Victoria Junior College and started dating him.
• In mid-March, at 28 years of age, Andrea Chong married Imran. Moreover, they are participating in their married life.

Andrea Chong’s Net Worth In 2022

Google says that the complete resources of Andrea Chong around the completion of 2022 will go from more than $5 million. This shows a climb from the surveyed absolute resources of $100,000 to $1000,000 in 2021. Andrea Chong configuration travel lifestyle blog is the chief sort of income. Regardless, she really doesn’t yet clear about her month to month or yearly pay.


It shows us the latest examples and standard of lifestyle. This also furnishes us with the inspiration of troublesome work women. Andrea Chong breathed new live into a lot of women through her style blog. The presence of Andrea Chong fashion travel lifestyle blog is confirmation that she is a phenomenal lifestyle blogger and online diversion awe-inspiring phenomenon.