The Goal Of A Permit To Work System For Construction Workers

You can often find permits to work in high-risk industries such as construction. However, if you are wondering what is their goal or purpose then this post might get you a good insight. Well, this post is going to get you a good idea about permit to work system and ensure that you have a good understanding of this concept.

What is it?

A permit to work type of system is a formal documented system and it gets used to control high-risk activities. These are mostly issued by a manager or even supervisor and permit a person or group of folks to perform a task, under rigid controls.  Permits authorise certain types of staff members to perform high-risk work at a particular time and place. It ensures that the procedures detailed in the permit and even any sort of referenced documents are followed.

The purpose of a permit to work system is just , to make high-risk tasks securer. In addition to a risk assessment and even method statement, the permit to work gets issued just to a particular person, at a particular time, authorising them to perform the work under strict controls.

Remember, in the realm of construction, permits to work are probable to be required for activities like work to electrical systems, excavations, hot works, certain lifting operations, work at height and confined space works. Moreover, permit to work are necessary to the safety of such high-risk activities, but may only achieve the safety goals in case the procedure gets followed and the permits are endorsed by other health as well as safety documentation, not contradicted.

Proper written permission for performing a task

Where an activity demands a permit to work, the task cannot get started until a permit has got issued. The permit is going to give a particular person authorisation to do the work, under the essential controls.

The permit should be signed off by a manager or even supervisor before work may start, ensuring that certain checks get met and creating a limitation on the task rather than permitting it to be performed by anybody at any time.

Guaranteeing each aspect of the work is planned

What requires to be done before and after the activity to permit it to be completed safely? Well, the permits to work are usually going to include precautions before, during and even after the work, along with emergency as well as supervisory needs..

The permit will avert high-risk work starting before a particular risk assessment, and where appropriate, method statements have been performed. Mostly , where the dangers are high, a number of documents are going to be need to be in place to ensure that all the essential planning, assessing and preparation is performed.


So, since the permit system is completed as the task performed, it works as a written record of when the work was performed , who by, and what actually was done. It always gets signed off, by both the supervisor and the construction worker . Hence, it is evidence of the overall work and checks performed.