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Reasons Why you Prefer to Live in Dubai?

Over the years, Dubai has significantly improved its global ranking as the third best city in the world for expats. The city is positioned amongst the best places in the world to live and work in 2021.

Dubai’s ranking increased from 20th last year to 3rd best in 2021 out of 57 cities, according to InterNations, a community for expatriates and global thinkers. Expats report that they find it very easy to settle in and that the quality of life is exceptionally good.

According to the same survey, around 12,420 respondents examined five aspects of expat life: the quality of urban living, settling in, urban job life, finances and housing, and local cost of living. The Expat City Ranking, which lists the best and worst places for expats to live in, comprises the first four categories.

Dubai is also the world’s easiest city for foreigners to live in if they don’t understand the language, which is crucial. Additionally, more than 80% of respondents say that inhabitants of the UAE, who make up more than 80% of the country’s population, are generally hospitable to foreigners.

Due to the emirate’s diversity—more than 190 different nationalities call it home—more expats feel at home in Dubai than in other places, and they also find it simpler to meet new people there.

Dubai also does quite well on the index measuring the standard of urban living. The political stability and sense of security here are appreciated by foreigners.

Recent Gallup Research 

According to a recent Gallup research, 2021 Global Law and Order, 95% of people stated they feel safe strolling alone at night, placing the UAE first in the safety rating.

According to Emirates World Club founder Romika Fazeli, Dubai is a city of opportunities.

“This city offers a unique work-life balance, high standard of living, and respect. The ideal recipe for a colorful existence is having so many various countries, ethnicities, and religions coexist in peace and harmony in one stunning metropolis. The city is always expanding, evolving, and getting better in all kinds of ways. Additionally, Covid showed us that a ‘new’ country can manage a pandemic so much more effectively than some nations with longer histories, she added.”

The inclusivity and respect for people from all backgrounds are among the numerous qualities that Anthony Peter, an Indian resident of Dubai for many years, finds to be most significant.

“Strict adherence to the rules ensures discipline, which offers the appropriate amount of freedom to take pleasure in a secure and joyful environment. Despite working for 29 years, I never felt like my presence was temporary.

But now that the new visa requirements have been implemented pragmatically, he said, “it provides an added certainty to the expat community which will encourage both businessmen and working expats to consider beyond the retirement age and settle in the UAE.”

The way Dubai handled the Covid-19 problem, the success of the vaccine effort, and the use of technology and data to control the pandemic, according to Monisha Krishna, another expat living in Dubai, were the major factors in raising Dubai’s popularity among foreign residents.

“The majority of ex-pats are keen to envision a bright future here. The new visa categories and regulations provide the relationship with more depth and security. The leadership of the UAE is generally view with great respect and esteem by ex-pats, who also see these actions as a significant advancement, continued Krishna.


Reasons why Dubai is the perfect city to live in

Continuous Investment Opportunities

In 2020, Dubai will play home to the World Expo. More than 180 countries are expect to participate in the Expo, which will welcome a global audience of 25 million visitors, when it opens in October 2020. The success of the Expo has boosted Dubai’s real estate market.

As a result of the Expo, several unplanned projects are starting to take flight. Dubai South, Dubai Creek Harbour, Dubai Hills Estate, and Dubailand are top locations for off-plan investments in 2017.

Incredible Architecture

The futuristic goal of Dubai to quickly surpass all other cities as the most advanced is impressive. The architecture of Dubai contains the most noticeable show. The Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world, has an elevation of 829.8 meters.

Dubai is building the Tower, an observation tower that will be taller than the Burj Khalifa, in an effort to break its own Guinness World Record. The Burj Khalifa will be 100 meters shorter than the Tower, which will be 928 meters tall.

In contrast to other classic buildings around the world, it has an engineered design. The building will be a thin, minaret shape tower with lily flower patterns that will firmly attach to the ground by strong wires. An oval-shaped observation deck on The Tower will offer sweeping views of Dubai’s shoreline.

Extravagant Lifestyle

Dubai is one of the few cities in the world that offers a great blend of luxury and finesse. The city is fuse with a luxurious lifestyle, modern living and a wide array of activities to choose from. The booming metropolis has upscale shops with countless fashion brands, fine dining establishments, and entertainment options. Around 1,200 boutiques, an aquarium, and an ice skating rink can be found at the Dubai Mall. Another important tourist destination in Dubai is the Mall of Emirates.

When in Downtown Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd. (SBR) is a must-see.  The Boulevard, which is name after Dubai’s ruler, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is border by the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain, as well as premier dining establishments and shopping centers.

When visiting Dubai Mall, the biggest mall in the world with top-tier fashion retailers, SBR is a great place for friends and family to stroll down the Boulevard.


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